Death By MultiStar

What is classified as a Brain death? According to wikipedia its
Brain death is defined as a complete and irreversible cessation of brain activity. That means if a person whose brain has stop all forms of activity is called as brain dead.

This is my condition for past few days I feel that I am in a state of brain dead roaming as Zombie. Reason being.. On saturday I went to watch a movie and from that day till today I am in a state of coma and brain has stopped functioning and my heart is still beating just to let me know that I am brain dead. I searched whole of net to get this term for my present state. and the culprit is a very big movie. call the blame on the movie or the praise the ticket broker. what the heck now whats the relation between a ticket broker and the movie.

let me describe the flow of events from the beginning..

Day Friday
Time 8Pm
I goto to my travel agent to book my ticket. for what. arey yaar i have do travel (albeit on company account but on my own 🙁 ). The guy promises to deliver ticket next day by 3.

Day Saturday
Time 3Pm
After waiting the whole day and 5 calls i feel that the guys will not be coming . so i make my exit to the nearest theatre showing a HINDI movie.

Time 4Pm
After standing in the line for one hour the ticket window opens. (although i was the only one on the line. but why to take a risk). I should have known the movie review at that time only. But me and my great head.

Time 6:30 Pm
I am in a state of brain death tortured by 12 Different lives, 6 Couples, One problem Love. Suddenly god sent me a well meant savior The Travel Agent. One call took me out of the Coma that was leading to my Slow and Painful death. Though the happiness lasted momets but it was well accepted. The travel agent robbed me of whole of my salary in one shot. The ticket cost has doubled from the time when i ordered them and now i have to pay for those tickets. Another shock. Which left me in this state. i am yet to recover from it.

Moral of the story. Never Watch Salaam – e – Ishq when you are expecting some monetary problem

P.S. -> i am begging my company to let me have my next months salary to pay up my traveling charges.

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