Bout Me Last Part

So. it seems that you are yet to find out who i am. No problem. You will surely come to know bout me but it solely depends upon on your tactics of finding out and me in telling you!

Here i go again i have started to give lecture on myself. so instead of going into more of lectures let me tell u about me!!

P.S.-> This detail is given in resume formate because i am a fresh grad and the habit of making resume is yet to fade away

Name : You Can See in the Rigt side top
Age : Why do u want it ( If u want to marry me talk to my parents)
Sex : Yes ( Only Females please)
Education : Degree to bus naam ki hoti hai asli knowledge to kaam karne se milta hai
Address :
Occupation : Sitting on a chair and surfing the net
Industry : I just know tree and stree( Women )
Achievements :
1. Party whole night and goto office next day
2. Sleep in the office due to whole night party

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