Happy Valentines Day

Its one year today and I still miss her. Let me recite you all guy the story of how she was taken away from me. last year on this fateful date of 14Th Feb.

It was the lovely evening of 13Th Feb 2006. It had rained making the evening cold and air romantic. the evening was made even more lovely by the ever bubbling and cheerful crowd of Bangalore. The love was surly in the air. I was traveling by the BMTC bus and somewhere in my heart i felt that i have lost her. i took my friends cell phone and tried to call her. THE PHONE was picked but there was no reply. and i knew that she is gone for ever. The number was Unreachable. I was cursing the person who took her away from me. I felt like crying it was the Valentine’s Day Eve and she is no longer with me. I thought of filing a police complain for the same and even went to the police station but the said its not the case of theft. Those guys told me its case of misplacement and the can just take a complain for “Lose of Asset” and not of stealing or nabbing. I hate those policewala. They are like goons. i think the thief must have bribed them so that they wouldn’t write my theft report.

The after effects of the incidents. i was alone on the new years eve. there was not one girl i could contact. all my friends were having fun and i was at this police station and doing some official at my service provider.

If u ask me how much i miss her? my answer would be loads. But i missed my nokia 3120 more the nokia 7250. Both of them were stolen on the great BMTC bus. Even though 7250 was a camera phone i miss 3120 for the reason on he day it was stolen. i was unable to ask any gal t be my valentine as all the numbers were gone. it was such a bad day. my valentines day without my phone and no numbers.

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