Adultery!! Why Not?

Yesterday i came and opened all the regular blogs i read. and most of them had the blogs which meant all the same .. “ADULTERY” you dont belive me. Read the following blogs

Till I was 19, I was more familiar with the different parts of Madurai than my own body. Then, came along Shalini Menon who changed everything. Her father owned a Video cassette store (way back in 1995, VCDs and DVDs weren’t available) from where she stole a membership card and gave it to me as a birthday gift on April 26, 1995.
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Did you see the gossip news about actor Ralph Fiennes? He was on a long flight to India as part of his STD awareness program. The New York Post alleges that he had sex with a flight attendant in the airline bathroom. The flight attendant says there was no sex, that he just followed her in there and made a move that she rejected. He isn’t commenting.
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Dilbert Blog

There’s this old priest who got sick of all the people in his parish who kept confessing to adultery. One Sunday, in the pulpit, he said, If I hear one more person confess to adultery, I’ll quit!”
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Scrible Pad

so is this a adultery week or is the month has got anything to do with it. I did a little bit of googling and found out this.

The ongoing season is called as Vasant Ritu (Spring Season). and this season is considered as the love season. Love seems to float around. On second thoughts is it because of this that the valentines day is celebrated in the same season and the story about the saint valentine is all a fake. i am sure there must be some great conspiracy behind all this. Else why would 3 diffrent people living in 3 diffrent place and none attached to any one will write on the same topic. and on top of it one of the blogs actually tells about a person who was found having sex in an airplane toilet. Isnt it all because of this season.

May be the season has nothing to do with this. Than what else could be the reason for this? My other theory says suggest that it may be all because of the Mood swings and Hormonal imblace in men. ( Ladies you are not the only one ). This may be time of the year when all these three ( 4 if u consider the guy in airplane) men are having there bad Period.

All in all i would like to say that “Love Making is best in the Love Season”

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