Home Sweet Home!!!

9 Years – Last time My whole family was together for a Festival

5 Years – Last time I celebrated Holi at my native

10 Months – Last time my whole family was together

6 Months – Last time I was at my native

3 Weeks – Last time I got my ticket reserved for to go home

1 Day – Time left to go home

6 Days – Time after which I will be back

9 Months – Time to start planning to go back to my home

God Knows – Time when my whole family will be together again

Infinity – Time after which my family would like to see me come home.

Huh, What a chronology? And, what is this “Family Reunion” kind of stuff? Ohhh!!! My mistake. Let me tell you a little about my background.

I am a guy born to a Marwari family in Bihar. (Don’t ask me that marwaris are from Rajasthan than how come I was born in Bihar? For more details contact my Parents). My small family consists off my 6 family members. That includes my Eldest sister and elder brother (rest on you to find).

Though my father told us that he is sending us to hostel because there are no good schools in my little village but I soon came to know the truth. I was the most handsome among my entire family member so the inferiority complex led me to an exile. Its already 14 years and counting.

The last time when my office declared a HOLIDAY, I celebrated holi with all my office mates. That includes colors and sweets.

Here is the advance wish to all of you on Holi and see you all after I get to meet my family.

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