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I used to be a volunteer at a small theater in Bangalore. it was called Rangashankara My main work was to usher people in and make sure that they don’t use their cell phones during the show. For those who don’t know what is ushering it is a better word for door keeper or still a Darban in Hindi. than why i have to do this work. Its a free show for me and i never had to buy TV to pass my time. The best way to pass time for a engineering student, i used to be a Visiting Student for my college. My attendance was more 75% for not going to college.

<!--adsense#1-->As the saying goes History repeats. The same happened yesterday. i turned on the TV at 10:30 to watch the Comedy Show on Star One. But a totally different show was on the channel. It was called Studio One. It a series in which the channel telecasts some Short Films which has got one single theme. The Human Nature. Suddenly every thing came flooding back. I took my position on the gate to usher people in and made sure that no one is talking or using his/her mobile phone.

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  1. Lol.. And what was the response of all those ppl during the show. In all my years of theater going, I have never come across a single event when someone’s mobile did not ring up. I still remember my first date, when I took my gal to watch open season (I know it’s a pathetic movie for a date, but then who was watching the movie). There was this guy sitting behind us who gave instructions to his tailor regarding his trouser size for 10 minutes. 30 minutes went by and he get another call from his tailor about the blazer size…. Aargh… he was so irritating. I just wished that I could kick him hard in the nuts, too bad he was sitting behind me – because to accomplish that, I needed to defy atleast a few laws of anatomy and physics. So instead I just mumbled some curses, which unfortunately were heard by my date and I’ve never heard from her again.

    If only there was someone like you in the hall. Who knows, maybe this day I might have had a baby in the making with that GF 😛


  2. Well no one actually said anything. they simply switched off their mobile phone or kept in silent mode, though after some coaxing. I think Rangashankara is the only place where people don’t talk on the phone. Some people were bit unhappy and reluctant but we managed them. 🙂

    as far as making baby is concerned you would have provided a better show than that was being played in the theater


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