Height of Pain

Saturday 13th April 2007


7:30Am – Alarm is blaring on its peak to wake me up.

8:05Am – Mobile rings. Colleague “Where the F*<# are you? you are one of the events coordinators”

8.15Am – same guy “WTF where is the FU<#!^& bus we hired. we were to leave for office at 8.00.” Some more apologies. buddy its Saturday and we are going to office cant you keep quiet for a moment..

8:30Am – Leave for office. Have breakfast. People are getting fidgety.

9 .00Am – Board the bus to go for the Picnic @ a local waterfall cum trekking destination

Ahh ha.. we were on our way to the picnic. what a nice idea to have a picnic away from the clatter of the keyboards and noise of the meeting rooms. That includes some walking some trekking and loads of fun.

We reached a small stream at about 11:15 and the driver refused to go beyond that stream. the 40 odd of us started our walking from the same point. 1 hour and 3 Km later. we see a Bus standing out of no where. Just to find that the bus actually left us to walk to a hefty 3 km. half of us were already half dead and with all the water bottles empty Death seemed inevitable. It was than the pain in our legs started to creep up. a slow soothing pain which was not to go so easily and there was a mountain towering in front of us to be climbed. (The real trekking starts from here). It was another hour and half before we were actually on top of that small mountain to reach the falls.

suddenly one of us said the following lineख


We swam and played a lot but when it time came everyone was ready to take another dip in the pool and drown but not to go back.. The trip tot he small mountain would pain so much we never knew. It was a pain int he ass for me to get every back to the bus. (Pain in the ass because i slipped at the falls and landed on a rock. the ass is still aching from the fall the trip)

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