An Atheist

“I’m an atheist and I thank God for it.”
–George Bernard Shaw

I have always been an Atheist. Some examples to prove that I am a non-believer!
I did my schooling from Dehradun, a total of 7 years at the place. It’s a small town in the backdrops of Himalaya. For those who are yet to know why I mentioned doon (Dehradun) is because it was just 2 hours drive from this place to reach Haridwar. (Better read about it at the link than for me to type it out). Those 7 years of Doon took me to loads of place other than the famous Haridwar and Har ki paudi. It was not because I never got a chance to go but I never wanted to go!

Some people who know me call me an atheist by action and not by heart. May be because some times I do go to temple. When I am happy I say a silent prayer to thank the all mighty. When I am sad I pray for the betterment of my life. When I start a journey I pray for a safe journey! When a coin drops from my hand I pick it up and put it on my head. I some times recite those slakes which my mom and teacher made me remember when I was a kid. Or because I carry a copy of hanuman chalisha in wallet.

The sole reason, which makes me an atheist (By heart) is, the violence in the name of religion. The riots because of caste difference.
When I talk about this I am not talking about just India or any other country in particular. It’s the same in whole of the world. For e.g. the whole of Muslim community is divided between shiya and Sunnis. Saddam Hessian wasn’t known as the cruelest dictator of his time if he loved Sunnis. Hindus are broken into so many forms that it is really hard to distinguish who is who in Hindu community. The Christianity itself is broken into Catholics and Protestants.

Ahh such a long lecture. Here is Dirty adult joke for this entire lecture,

My neighbor uncle, who is 48, fell into a mud pond!!

4 thoughts on “An Atheist”

  1. U can be a believer without religion..
    we all have hated religion at some point in our lives.. religion is after all man made… but in the end it all points the path to the Almighty.
    In the present times man needs religion for his survival – be it a politician, a priest..

    True religion is one which will make you love ur neighbour irrespective of his caste, creed, color or gender..


  2. Hey Happy kitten,
    Thanks for the comment. It was the most inspiring peice of advice someone has actually given to me. I would still love to be called as an atheist. it would be long debate so i belive its better to let me think about myself.


  3. Trying to see the other side of the coin ! But why should we be so serious. If this society is not good, lets make the coming generation love thy neighborhood. We cant change the current set up. Lets help to make a change for the coming generation yaar ! Wot ya say?


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