Human Animal Behavior (Cont….)

The last time I wrote the following topic it was just a casual conversation. Soon it turned out that people actually compare me with different animals. One day one of my colleagues told me that the other day he saw my true copy. I (out of curiosity) asked him, “where?” He told “in Krishna temple. Even though he looked like you they were calling him the temple elephant.”

This got me thinking “am I the only human who imparts the animal behavior?” thus it came to me all the word told to me by people in my entire life.

My dad – “Keep on roaming like a street dog” (when he found that instead of going to school I was playing with my friends)

My mom – “ You eat like a pig” (I used to feed the table more than myself)

My Brother – “You monkey?” (After I tore off his assignment book)

My Teacher – “Parrot also learns better than you” (Thanks to my brains)

My hostel warden – “You sleep more than a horse” (after I missed the school for one whole)

My Room Mate – “A rattle snake makes less noise than you” (after he heard me snoring)

My Friends – “Leech” (Leaving them after making them spend all their pocket money on me)

My Boss – “A donkey is better than you” (he wants me to works 8 hours a day.)

My EX-GF – “You can beat any bear in body hair competition” (this made me lose all my hair on the head)

8 thoughts on “Human Animal Behavior (Cont….)”

  1. oye mota bhai.. did u notice anything ?
    no matter which link i click on . the url doesn’t changes.. was wondering whether u can open blocked sites from
    try putting couple of urls on your page.. i mean from the page i gave you.. “search.htm”
    just like u’ve kept my yahoo profile.. try puting gmail like sites and check
    and lemme know whatever happens.


  2. oh.. sorry !!
    wrong comment at wrong place…
    btw yea.. true u r an animal.. and am glad that people have started seeing the truth !!

    anyways, do lemme know whenever you get some comments on your tail !!


  3. @ Chriz:

    I am also here :). BTW. sorry for a late reply. cos i was not at my desk. it so happened that there was a problem and i had to run.


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