The rain, which made me, cry!!!

Note: – This is a rather serious post.

Those who know me, “in person”, will always say, “Santosh is a person with whom acquaintance is more than enough.” Some think, I don’t know what does it mean by relationship. The only relation I know of is I, me and myself.

The last time I cried, in front of many people, was when my sister was married. After that no one has seen me crying. Now I am a grown up man and grown-ups don’t cry.

Here is the story of my loneliness.

One day I told my partner, Darling I want something of our own. My partner said with a grin “I was thinking of the same”. From that moment we started. We used to stay awake at night working towards our goals. And after long nights of awakening and sweating, There she was in front of us. The cutest thing we have ever seen. I called her Happiness (Khusi) and my partner called her time pass. She was the cutest thing I have ever seen. I used to play with her. She was my love. I knew her much better than any one else.

Wait a sec!!! Why am I calling using “Was” every time. It’s because she is more. She is dead. It was my mistake. One night I forgot to close the window of her room. It rained heavily that night and by morning she was counting her last breath. I called the doctor he also tried no avail. She was gone forever. My partner was shouting at me and I was just listing. It was loss so many thing. Than my partner came and said “I told you to make a back up of your hard disk. But why would do it. Now go to hell. I can’t make another game.”

P.S.-> I wanted to write a really serious post (as I was feeling really low) but after the first two para my mood got the better of me and I made up a story to match up with my mood.

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