My Weekend!!!

Every one of you must be having lots of plan for the weekend. So do I have or lets say I have the same plan for every weekend. I love it and try to stick to it. There are some changes but it’s too trivial to be mentioned or thought about.

So here goes my weekend detail: –

Starts on Friday @ “8PM”. For more info on 8PM please visit the link!
In short its party time. Booze, eat and make merry. It’s the start of the weekend and the party and fun goes on till the next day.

Saturdays are a bit boring as most of the weeks pending work from going to bank to paying the bills are done. For which I have a dear friend and he does it for me while I sleep and try to remove the hang over with Lemon added to You know what. Arey water!! What else. I am not a drunkard. But I also know if you don’t want a hang over stay hanged.

Saturday I get loads of eatable including chips and Popcorn. You guessed it right its movie time. Its fun to snuggle up in bed and watch all those romantic mushy movies on a 53CM screen. Pure ecstasy.

Sunday is the best of all. Wake up @ my own time. Have a hearty lunch some where out with friends. I don’t forget my near and dears one. So call them up and talk to them. Sunday is the day I call every one of my family talk to them. If I don’t make calls on Sunday my telephone bill would be come one third of the present amount.

See you all on Monday. I will tell you how was my weekend. Happy Weekend. Enjoy!!!

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  1. Honey!!

    The diffrence between Being Hanged and Staying Hanged is that “one is By Chance and other is by Choice!!” I am yet to decide i am hanged by Which!!


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