The weekend I had!!!

It started the same way @ 8PM with “8PM.” (Or was it Bacardi?).

Confused?? Read my last post. For more!

I never knew that this weekend wont be the same as the my other “Pre Planned” weekends. We had the most memorable Friday night party.

Here is what happened.

We all had good night of party till 1AM at our local den. Than the owner came down and asked for the money just to know that we had none!! If you are thinking that we were beaten up than you are wrong. WE were neither beaten up nor made to wash the dirty plates for two days. It was just me who had to do all the honors. The rest of them just fled away and I was left to face the death sentence.

The weekend started with half a cup of cold tea and half a dozen TUBS full of dirty dish.

Saturday was full of chicken and Paneer dishes (To be washed)! And Sunday was full cries and moans. After a good washing and cleaning any one will cry in pain!

(Washing: Dhulayi in Hindi or beating in English)

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