Delhi Dordarshan National Channel. Period..

Note: This post was to come online on Monday but due to some personal re-ZZzzzzz-ons it’s delayed by 6 days.

This Saturday I went to bed about 7 in the evening but going to bed doesn’t mean that I went to sleep. The sleep never came to me for more than next 7 hour. I saw the inauguration run of Tour de France. I saw some more of the id-ten-t box. Most of it was parts of some stupid serial. I saw the qualifying round of British F1 @ Silverstone. In the wee hour after getting seriously bored I tried the every original Delhi Dordarshan.

The program coming on was some sort of documentary and I thought wow it will make my day errrrr…. Night. But it seems that the guys at Dordarshan never wanted me to sleep. They were showing a documentary on Ahem.. Ahhh.. Hmmmm. How I can talk such a topic. It was on ladies periods (Pun Uninteneded). I was shocked how come DD India is showing a documentary on a topic, which is taken as taboo in most of Indian household. But it was bold step and I really liked it at least some one has taken an initiative to educated people on the actual truth behind the Periods. It would be an eye opener for those who consider the lady as dirty during her periods.

Kudos to DD India for taking such a step. Go on guys but please if you can show the same during the peak viewing hour than @ 2 o’clock in the night. We in India really need some education on the development of the kids and the changes that come into their bodies.

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  1. @Honey!!
    No!! i was trying to sleep by watching something really boring. But it turned out the all the channels had something interesting to show

    By timing you mean 2 o’clock the generation we leave in?


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