The Computer and Me!!!

In a few minutes a computer can make a mistake so great that it would have taken many men many months to equal it…

Today I had a fight with my colleague. The reason was the same thing, which we both dare. Nah its not computer (BTW its also in list but its too high up.) It’s a computer crash. It so happened my colleague, and me were fighting for the system that is common to both of us. (We are in the same project) It was a really important work, and I had to do it as soon as possible. But he (add some choicest abuse yourself) won’t allow me. The work was to beat the time record he had made into the new racing game installed into the system And we had a fight over it he had the mouse and I took the keyboard and started pulling and pushing each other for the utmost supremacy. I was about to hit him with the keyboard suddenly we heard a loud noise. He was dead before he knew. The CD-rom stopped working so do the cabinet with all its inhabitants.

It was just another example when a hard disk crash has left me middle of nothing. And I am happy. Arey ab kaam to tabhi suru hoga na jab hard wapas milega!!! ? Till than happy blogging and chatting. (Cant add orkuting as its blocked 🙁 )

16 thoughts on “The Computer and Me!!!”

  1. Orkutting is blocked? I guess you can beat their system using some online browsers like
    Let me know if there is a cheat.

    Also, pls let the poor guy break the recoed :mrgreen:
    Which game was tht anyway? 😆


  2. @Chriz
    Same here mate. been using atunnel btunnel so on for a while its been blocked. Than started using meebo for chatting now!! try or

    Sorry dude. cant reveal the name of the game. its comes under NON Disclosure Agreement. :P.


  3. I heard that tooo.. sorry read that. My friends had mailed me so. from ORKUT U R CUT like many… so sad.. check out if there are any other community like ORKUT


  4. @Honey
    i know loads of then but i am not inclined toward any of them!! 😛
    Thanks god for that (or is it sys admin?). I have changed the theme and its working fine. it seems some problem with the theme!!
    i know. was planning to get a new theme for myself which won’t screw up the smiley. Thanks for letting me know.


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