My Day!!

7:00am – Alarm rings
7:10am – Alarm rings
7:20am – Alarm rings
7:30am – Alarm rings
7:40am – Alarm rings
7:50am – Alarm rings
8:00am – Wake up and turn off the alarm. Go and bring the newpaper. Goto loo.
8:10am – Finish reading paper. Come out of loo. Brush. Turn on the TV. Watch some music channel while Brushing my teeth
8:15am – Turn up the TV volume. Go and take bath ( Ya I take bath everyday)
8:30am – Spray deo on cloths (not me) to remove the smell from them. Turn off TV and go to office
9:00am – Reach office have breakfast.
9:15am – Turn on my iMac. Check my mails
9:30am – Start safari and check all the blogs added in bookmarks and feeds(saving companies bandwidth) .
10:30am – Check personal mail for blog comments!
10:45am – Check google analytical for number of hits
11:00am – Check office mails and send forward them to others.
11:30am – Check orkut for online friends.
11:40am – Start the development IDE (Tool) and start the game.
12:00am – Still playing the game.
1:00 Pm – Lunch hour
2:00Pm – Check the feed, mail, and personal mails anything new
2:15Pm – Forward some more mail.
2:30Pm – Start the game and play for 3 Hours.
4:30Pm – Take a break and check feed, mail, and personal mails.
4:45Pm – Open up word and start some blog topic to write or try to finish the old post.
5:30Pm – Go for evening snacks.
5:45Pm – Check mails and feeds for a last time.
6:00Pm – Leave for Home.
7:00Pm – reach home. Watch Tv.
8:00Pm – Go out for dinner.
9:00Pm – Watch Tv. Call some friends just for fun sake.

I Don’t know what time I sleep.

PS-> Tea, Coffee breaks are not included because they are taken as often as i can.

Messenger and iTunes is always on in the background.

11 thoughts on “My Day!!”

  1. @Vignesh

    did i forget to say that the schedule was same during my college days. But with a time difference of +5.5 hours. I used to wake up at 12PM


  2. hehehe… i have heard about people who poop in the loo .. but you peep in the loo? .. hey me too read in loo.. its a good place to gain knowledge.. infact i studied for one whole semester sitting in my loo..


  3. and great work timings.. the scent part was kickass….hey if you do not mind, ill also come up with my timetable and ill give a link to your blog through that post..


  4. @ScRiBbLeR
    It’s called time utilization. By It i mean Reading(and not eating ➡ ). BTW i feel this time table (More or less) is shared by 90% of Engineers (including those in college)

    Most of us do same thing to save time.
    You can surely go ahead and write a time table yourself.


  5. Charming! Talk of living it up.

    Could you please let me know the exact name, office address etc of your company?

    Actually college placements are starting this december. And I would like to apply to this organization. You must have a really kind boss 😉


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