Leave Letter

Dear sir/ Madam, (I don’t know who are you)

This is to tell you that I will be not available online for the next 3 days. As I am going to the silicon valley of India. See the irony of the life when I am at a small town in south Karnataka I am online more than 9 hours a day. But when I am at the Silicon Valley I am not able to come online. So I request you to allow me to meet you there. Please bring you post and comments written during this period, I will tell you the pass you my comments than and there. I have given my contact number at the bottom of the letter. Do call me up. For those who want to meet please be ready to spend some bucks. (Nah I wont ask you to have lunch or dinner with me) It’s for the nuisance I will make after I get drunk.

I am coming down to celebrate my friends Happy Birthday to You. Which was on 11th July. For those who want to wish my friend many many happy returns of the day, can send me cash to my mail id and gift description to Bank account. I will buy and make sure that my friend gets the gifts, I am not sure when but he will surely get it.

Till than do remember me!!



8 thoughts on “Leave Letter”

  1. Hi happy holy to you and your family… celebrate with crackers and diyas and get drunk like i am right now.Merry Christmas once again .Cya then..take care bye.. Happy Birthday..


  2. @ScRiBbLeR
    Thank You!!

    I was in the same condition as your.

    It seems you have escalated to wrong person. Bee has denaid my leave application!!

    will surely visit

    It was unpaid leave!! If you wanna stop me. raise a barrier!


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