In Bangalore

Hey guys. This is a fast blog from bangalore. I am presently in bangalore and am fully drunk. Out Right (Vignesh this one is for you). yester night some 6 of us had asolely booze party and hang is still there. Hope it goes off. so i can have little more of the booze again. and as far as the comments replies are concerned i will do them as soon as i reach back to my ofice. Rest in the next post!! Bye till than ➡ 

9 thoughts on “In Bangalore”

  1. boss… I dont booze… that comment was something i got thro sms…
    anyway… enjoy @ b’lore…

    one small tip :There is a ice cream shop called “the corner house” near brigade road. They sell something called “Death by chocolate” for 85bux.. just check out.. I bet you wont eat chocolate after that for a week atleast..


  2. @Vignesh
    DO it once and for all. Its a vice if done in little becomes a bad habit if done in uncontrolled way becomes a lesson!!

    I yet to have corner house ice cream leave DBC. i was in bangalore for 4 years and still never been to Corner House. There is one Jaya nagar 9th block also. (I lived Near IIMB)

    What do you mean? You never got the locket? I thought it was sent to you!! Thanks for the compliment. Indian Flag. nice one. Never thought it that way!!

    Nah it was the printer and open cabinet. thank god it was not ON. There is no difference B/w custard and puke. At-least when you are drunk!!


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