Back with a bang!!

Yes I am back to my office and everyone knows that I am back. I know I am really famous @ my office. But people knew much faster this time when I arrived to office.
Just like in the olden when the kings arrived there used to be a announcement of their arrival same happened with me. The only difference was there used to be a call and here it was loud bang (read sneeze) before I entered my cubicle. My PM dropped his laptop and one of colleague a bottle of water on his system.

You all must be thinking sneeze?? WTF how come one sneeze can do so much good. Well you will believe after you have been to Bangalore for a week end.

Here is the small follow up of my Bangalore trip!

Reached Bangalore. Called my friends to be at home by 8 PM (Read older post for more details on 8 PM). Went to college to get my final year marks card. Yes I took my marks card after one of passing the engineering exam!!

That day I just roamed the street of good old Bangalore. Than night came and here I was at my friend’s house.
It’s a story of 7 warrior and 3 Battalion.
There were 7 warriors against 3 battalion (Bottle) of two different kings (Brands). Two sent by the King Royal Stag and One by Duke of Romanov. But the warriors were not to fall back. They will die but wont say no. The warrior went out to win the fight. It was a win-lose situation. The chance of a truce was out of question. “The battle of 7 friends” saw more of fight than they had ever fought in their entire life. Two of the fighter was there to protect the rest of the fighters from dieing in the mid war against the ruthless king. They war started at the unholy hour of 8 PM+1 PM. There was a loud roar of CHEERS and off went the fighter in their shiny armour (Most were just in Shorts). Fighters wanted to register the maximum kill for themselves. The first battalion to face the fighters were of Duke Romanaov. The fight went on for mere 30 minutes before the 7 warriors bulldozed the battalion. The war has taken an intresting turn by now. The warriors were now hungry for more blood (Booze) and than came the Royal Stag. It was finished in just 30 minutes flat. Two protectors took the defensive place where as the rest 5 went out to finish off the last wave of opponents. It was mid way of the final battalion when of the warrior was seriously hurt and was taken to ECU (loo). Soon the warriors seem to loosing ground. 2 more warriors succumbed to the attacking force. The last two warriors took the battle in their hand and fought bravely killing the army at the source it self (Drinking Directly from the bottle).

The next morning the victorious warriors returned home just to find so much filth after the war. They all vowed never to fight again in life.

Slept most of the day due to hangover and weakness( due to puking). Met some more friends over coffee. Was drenched in the rain by the time I was back.

Went down to meet my uncle, return back to Udupi.


Back at Udupi with lots of things including cough, cold, blocked nose, body ache, slight temperature and aching throat. I am having actified Plus (For cold and cough) and strepsils for my sore throat.

Hope I get well soon ?

16 thoughts on “Back with a bang!!”

  1. @Bee.
    Puking on what? site template or the blog entry?
    I think it was you asked me change the template. the earlier one had some problem so had to use this one!!


  2. Its the first time i come across a description of things happening when one boozes… I go with gomathy.. felt like puking too…

    get well soon…. hope there is one in udupi..


  3. Hey I meant the work you did after the booze.. this template is really cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


  4. @ScRiBbLeR
    My Boss knew my intentions before i arrived. am seated at the farthest corner from him.

    Buddy its a long time before you will actually see to believe them.

    I am up from dizziness. There are loads of bars in Udupi.

    Thanks again! there is a saying in hindi which has a meaning like this

    If you have not fallen than what’s the use of learning to ride a bicycle,
    If you are not hurt that what’s the use of falling in love,
    if you have not coughed than what is the use of smoking
    If you have not puked than what’s the use of drinking??


    the funniest post in ur blog so far…
    was laughing till my sides hurt…
    i am forwarding this mail to all my colleagues…( ofcourse with ur blog link).. soon u’ll see most of my colleagues commenting on ur blogs…

    any more battles to come in the near future?


  6. @ScRiBbleR
    Too much work is the answer!!
    Thanks for the reminder the link is updated!!

    I have lived in loads of cities and all are dear to me in one or other way and bangalore is one of them.

    Up is ceiling and behind is the work schedule and Project Manger.


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