The Three Engineers!!

Once upon a time two Project managers and one engineer met in the rest room of a big hotel.

The first PM goes and washes his hands, dries his hand and than takes out tissue to remove what ever is left. He says I am working with (Insert the company you hate the most) and we are taught to use all the resources evenly.

The second PM who was from (Insert the company you hate) and he washes his hand takes the tissue and dries his hand till there was not a single dry corner left. He says I am taught to use the resources to the max.

The engineer zips his pant and walks out. Than the other two guys say it seems you are not taught anything in your company. The engineer said I am taught not to PEE on my own hand!

6 thoughts on “The Three Engineers!!”

  1. @Vignesh
    Nah its not. It’s one of the first engineer’s joke i heard. And it also remimded me how my PM is screwing my happiness

    Mails your doubts @ sa (dot) santosh (at) gmail (dot) com. will publish them as anonymous

    Forward it to your PM and let me know the reaction


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