10 Stupid practices i have

This blog is dedicated to the lady who calls her self a BEE and her stings “Where it hurts the MOST”

If you are thinking why its so. The reason is this lady has asked me to write this post. WHen i read the topic i thought asking a stupid to write 10 stupid practices? I think 99% of my activity is STUPID, but still BEE this one is for you!!

10. I still read in LOO!! (Including newspaper, magazine and scribbles in the public LOO )

9. Whenever i feel bored i call my frens and bore them

8. I love to eat sugar with my food. even Daal Chawal!!

7. I tip the waiter at the restaurant where I eat daily!

6. I transfer my salary on the first day of its getting credited from Canara Bank to ICICI

5. i love to sleep in my undies

4 And love to take bath naked

3. I sing my best(Worst and loudest) when i am taking bath or a song which i like is coming on the TV

2. I tend to look everything other than the person i am talking to. (Food is the first preference)

1. Whenever i eat or drink my smallest finger stands up like and Antenna. (Picture Attached)


8 thoughts on “10 Stupid practices i have”

  1. 8. I like this too.. but not with Dal & Chawal šŸ˜€
    6. Used to something like this earlier..not now..
    1. I suppose thats only water that u r drinking there..


  2. Wasn’t this pretty much an extension of 10 points on ur tag post ! And were u in a very vulnerable mood when u wrote this post ?


  3. @ScRiBbLeR
    8. No1 can be like that
    6. The ATM of ICICI are rarely out of order and that of canara rarely in order
    1. The photo was taken in office on Independence day(Read DRY day). so it can only be water

    What the use of cleaning undie when i clean my self?

    It can be an extension but its much more than that. I was fuming on myself!! it was the national holiday (Independence day) and i was working!!

    I also thought so. but i Ran out of points and had to add them. You can surely have one but for that you have come down and take my photo.. no1 likes the way i eat..


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