Calvin and Hobbes

I love the guy called calvin either he is the cute little boy in th Home Alone Series or the guy in the cartoon strip. Yesterday i found some of his strips which shows his Telephone Etiquettes.Calvin and Hobbes Boy he is something. Money is the first priority in his life. Just look at the comments on everything!! (He must not have wanted to talk to mom very bad)

Calvin and Hobbes
Will love to do it. 😈
Calvin and Hobbes

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Calvin and Hobbes Bee! how about this answering machine?

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Calvin and Hobbes How many times you have done this. You were asked to call some one and you forget?

Loved this guy!! who was too young for a brain like that. I always liked the way this little guy used to think. Next i will try to get the conversation between him and his Dad where his dad screws his happiness!!

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  1. @ScRibBler
    It on the line so by the evening it will be on the table. a really long post i feel

    This brat is no less than you.. A tough competition for you to win

    You are always welcome. I would do the same if i don’t wanna talk to some one!!


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