Few days back some of my class mates got married. Some were from my school days some from college days. I felt what is this marriage all about. Let me bring you different perspective of different people towards this institution.

Ladies first!!

They are the biggest reason why we have got marriage in this society.
When they are 4 they will marry off their Barbie with Ken.
By 10 they are ready to marry any guys who will share his lunch box with her.
By 18 they know all about marriage, kids and how to make them!! They have 1 boy friend who is dumb enough to spend all his pocket money for nothing.
By 24 they have seen and done it all and now have a dull husband and a crying baby in tow.

We guys!!

We are the ones who wish there was no marriage at all.
At the age of 4 we are trying to figure out how not to get caught in the pants zipper.
By 10 we come to know what is marriage. You know we are full 6 years late when it comes to know about marriage.
By 18 we know what is a girl and how she should be treated. We still believe a child is born when people exchange garlands.
By 24 – till death. We are still trying to demystify marriage and women. We have a pocket but no money!

A cute little child!!

They always think “kash main waha hota”. (Wish I was there!)
For them marriage is loads of people. New cloth, loads of kids to play with. And yes lots of ice cream.


They are better half of this element called marriage.
They try whole of their life to make the other half better by the means better known to them.
They believe that marriage is an institution where she is a lecturer to its only student who has lost his bachelor degree. It’s her job to make the student sit or stand and tell how many times to do the homework and how!( 😉 )


They are the other half (Remember better half) and most of them are rotten.
They try their whole life to balance between friend and wife.
They are made to believe one can have headaches 364 days a year. (Except her birthday if you don’t forget it)

P.S. -> This post was written in a happy mood by a BACHELOR. So please don’t get angry on anything written here!! and if you dont agree to anything said about your group than remember exception are always there

11 thoughts on “Marriage”

  1. @ ScRiBbLeR ‘n’ Sandhya

    Guys Please bear with my blog. it was a totally unintentional post . I was write something more on that but the post grew in size so will write the second part soon!!


  2. If tht bachelor is you, then kudos to you for writing this post…The best part of the post is comparing boys nd girls knowledge about marriage!! hahahaha


  3. @honey
    i hope the post script(P.S.) made all the diffrence. you can always bitch about me on your blog. BTW the post on me is still awaited!! 🙂

    thanks buddy. I am the guy! ask any gal and she will say that the diffrence are true to the mark!!


  4. Looks like u know a lot abt marriage even before getting married! 😀 anyway it is not that bad…. of course we try to make u guys better every day… 😛 but then it is only for ur good right? :mrgreen: 😉


  5. hey kitten,
    Thanks for the praise!! 🙂 and thanks for making us good but why don’t you people love us when we are changed. There is always a complaint “Darling you are not the same”


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