I am a girl (Final Part)…

BKP – That’s so cool.
Ank – What? It’s cool? My dad is sick and my mom is leaving me and you say its cool. So mean. I never knew guys could be so insensitive.

Confused?? Read Part one and Part Two to know more

BKP – Actually I meant its cool for your dad that there is some one is coming to take care of him. BTW I am always there to take care of him.

They know each other for just 5 days and Mr. BKP is head over heels to do anything for miss Ankita. I am sure miss Ank would have been really flattered by this comment.

Ank – Thanks for the concern BKP, but one of my friend will stay with me and there I have got a cousin in the town to take care of me. BTW you had viral? Its you, who need care more than me.

BKP – when is you mummy coming back?
Ank – Most probably she will be back by Monday.
BKP – That’s great.
Ank – what’s great in it. I will be alone for two days. BTW talk to you later. I am helping mom in packing.
BKP – Ok. Bye. Talk to you after your aunty leaves.

The same night.

BKP – Hi had your dinner.
Ank – ya, Just now with mummy.
BKP – ok. So mummy left?
Ank – Yes. I am already missing her.
BKP – Don’t worry I am there na. (Read: Main Hoon Na!)
Ank – Thanks. Good night. I am in no mood to talk.


BKP – Hey. Good morning.
Ank – Morning. How are you?
BKP – I am good. What about you?
Ank- bad. I have got special classes. (Remember Ank is doing Dental.)
BKP – Ok talk to you after classes.

Saturday went just like that.

Sunday. The big day for MR BKP cos today Ankita will meet her.

Ank – Hello. How are you?
BKP – I am good. So what’s you plans for the day.
Ank – going to End Point with friends. (For unknown end point is a small hill just on the outskirts of manipal. Where you can find couples having a gala time 😉 ;))
BKP – Good. Enjoy your day.
Ank – wanna come?
BKP – Nah. Meet you after you come back.
Ank – Ok.
BKP – bye.

BKP went to Big Bazaar to do some shopping including a new t-shirt worth rupees 149 is bought.

Time Evening 6’ Clock.
BKP – Hey good evening.
Ank – hello.
BKP – How was the day.
Ank – good. Had loads of fun. Now getting hungry. (Hinting BKP to take her out)
BKP – hey me to hungry. Why don’t we meet for dinner?
Ank – Great idea. See you @ 7:30
BKP – but where?
Ank – you tell.
BKP – I don’t know manipal. You tell me.
Ank – lets meet at Valley View. (Valley View is a 3 star hotel run by Welcome Group and the best in the town)
BKP – Ok. See you at 7:30
Ank – hey one of my friend will be coming with me. I hope you don’t mind.
BKP – no no it’s ok. Meet you at Valley view (VV). Where is VV?
Ank – Its near TC (Tiger circle). Ask any one. Or just ask your Auto guy to take you to VV.
BKP – But how will I recognize you.
Ank – I will be wearing a pink top and Jeans. Same for my friend. (The most common dress for a gal)
BKP – ok than see ya @ 7.30

Evening 7.30.
BKP – Hey me at VV. Where are you?
Ank – I am at my place. I will be late.
BKP – ok.
Ank – do one thing. Go and book a table for 3 of us. See you in ten minutes,
BKP – ok. I have already done that.

After 10 minutes.
Ank – hey I can’t come. My friend is not feeling well
BKP – why what happened?
Ank – Don’t know is getting dizzy and stuff. May be sunstroke.
BKP – ok than you come alone.
Ank – ok. You order something I will in ten minutes.
BKP – ok.

After 20 more minutes.
Ank – hey can’t come.
BKP – what happened?
Ank – my cousin has come home. My friend called him.
BKP – what?
Ank – I am so sorry. May be we will some other time. I am sorry.

BKP has kept all these info secret from all of roomies. He never told us what was the T-shirt for or why was for Manipal suddenly at 7:30.

But he never expected a welcome at home just to find Ankita AKA Santa waiting for him. He had a dinner at the one of the best hotel in the town. I hope this lesson teaches MR. BKP not to run after Gals.

For those who are curious Mr. BKP had a heavy heart and lighter wallet after the incident.

If any one wants the original transcript please excuse me, this was one the most horrible English-speaking guy I have ever seen.

After effects. My telephone bill has gone double due to this silly message session. By luck Mr. BKP has a free SMS facility.

19 thoughts on “I am a girl (Final Part)…”

  1. @Arshat
    Mate this was for a guy who was mad behind gals. so it was just a lesson taught..

    It was a revenge taken from whole of the gals community against Mr. BKP

    You are and Left is Mr. BKP.
    This was no fiction. Thanks.


  2. @Chriz.

    Nah.. No one from my work place reads my blogs.. Nothing happened after that 🙁

    Thats a good idea. BTW He is my room mate so could have just asked him to order it. Delivery would have taken time 😉

    Yup!! It was not naughty it was VERY NAUGHTY!! SUrely he has gone poor on that day :))


  3. Hey… i’d played similar pranks.. several times.. hav u become lazy or do u lack content…?? MAN u have reproduced the entire goddamn chat transcript.. and have bored ur readers to death…


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