Poet in Me

I have been seeing loads of bloggers writings poems in their blog. I am avid fan of stories for the simple reason because they are not abstract. On the other hands poems can be more abstract than a talk on spirituality. Readers please don’t mind I am not here to make any comment on either of them or start a war of words between the followers of both worlds. They both are beautiful.

As told above I like stories but after seeing so many people writing more and more of poem I am getting inclined towards the other form of the writing. So here I present my attempt at poem writing.

I am a developer.

Working on a computer,
From January to December,
Using code debugger,
I am a developer,

Staying late at night,
With time is my fight,
Running a bug fixer,
I am a developer,

Its March and October,
Time to meet my appraiser,
Working harder and faster,
I am a developer,

Eating pizza,
Drinking Cola,
Becoming fatter,
I am a developer,

Learning Unix and java,
With all the flavor,
Forgotten how is mother and father,
I am a developer.

Lost the love for life,
Who is to ascribe,
Work or worker,
I am a developer.

9 thoughts on “Poet in Me”

  1. Who Am I to blame now? IS it the Purple Heart? oh No.. Is it Vigneswaralu? or… shucks Man… IS that Me who is to be blamed? What wrong did we do.. other than trying to be poets…..?

    I really dunno why Sandhya has loads of appreciation for you.. Remember she said something of this nature to me……Thats why Even I tried my hands……

    But God you have passed.. unlike me… a miserable pass out….


  2. @Honey
    Nah no1 to blame. Its just that my curosity had better of me!! Seems sandhya has an EYE for good poets.

    I belive your poem had lots of love care emotion where as mine is a fun filled amateurish kind of poem!! πŸ™‚

    Read it as if you are a developer than you will find that its a sad story told in funny way

    “Eating Pizza and Drinking Coke” keeps me warm when i sit under the AC by producing Lots of GAS. :mrgreen:


  3. Dont try to be humble man.. yours atleast had the feeling of a poem.. poem need not necessarily be full of emotions …

    Pls read the first comment for my poetic attempt…..
    6 lines split into 3 para….


  4. @Honey
    I don’t have “feeling” leave alone for poems. and your poem was written with someone in mind and heart. mine was just me in me and me everywhere.

    Welcome back. thanks. for the appreciation


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