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Hello all,

This is post is being written on a P4 16Ghz, 128MB SDRAM system with a BSNl DialUp. the system is just 5+ years old and is still working like an old but reliable car.

First of all HAPPY DEEPAWALI to you ALL and you family. Hope you have a light and fun filled diwali.

“Bee! Honey Bee” your are right i was sad because cos anyone who has lost a job has got the right to remains sad. BTW this is the first diwali i am home in past 11 years. I am presently doing good.

Happy kitten. I am very much frustrated with my net connection and system so will get back to all the blogs after i return from my native. till than enjoy.

I have made some observations in the past few days. My mom and dad never said anything to me even though they knew i have lost my job. it was me who told gave them the news.

I dont drink tea (most of my people at my home think so) but as i work now so the assumption change to he can drink tea sometimes. 🙂

I dont know how many of ou have traveled by train in india. if you have than you all must have had a cup of hot tea from one of those stall or guys selling tea. But i dont know if you have ever seen a Lemon tea seller on plateform of the station. I have seen and it was the shock of my life as the station was not a metro but is a small district town of bhagalpur in bihar. (for the unknown i love lemon tea the most than comes leaf and than the regular milk sugar thing.) the look of lemon tea made me drink 2 cups of the tea at one go :).

5 thoughts on “Posting from home”

  1. So having fun, back home for Diwali after more than a decade. That’s really nice and this Diwali is sure to bring in loads of joy n success to ur life all over again!!


  2. @Dinsan
    Thanks. i enjoyed it

    Well no one uses my home PC except my dad who plays some games on it.

    I know i was sad for that moment presently i am happy to have left that company

    Had loads of fun. never wanted to come back. but had to come back. Thanks for the wishes 🙂


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