Ten things I miss having in my life now


I have been tagged by one of the reader, renamed from “Honey Bee” to, “Bee, Honey Bee” (a la – Bond, James Bond estyle)

1.                  Those school prayers where we used o recite Sanskrit shlokas. I still remember studing in Sarasawati Shishu Mandir at my native village where we used to sing “Shanti Path” (peace hymn). It gave internal peace than the prayer sung at my English medium school. Though some of them were at par with the Sanskrit shlokas. Like Rabindra nath thakurs – Where mind is without fear.

 2.                  The times when the whole class was your friend. Those school days where love was what you did to your class teacher than to your classmate. When the person who shared his/her lunch box with you was your best friend. The only difference between a girl and boy was of skirt and shorts

 3.                  I was send to hostel when I was in class 4th (the same way my elder sis and bro were sent off). So I don’t know what does it takes to stay at home and get the love of mom and dad. If given a chance I would love to stay with mom and dad. But if you ask me what I will do with my kid. I will surely send them to hostel

 4.                  Those hormonal effects when you reach middle school. Those crush, proposals and rejections. I was one of those normal guys and so was my crush. IT happened when I was old enough to know more difference between a guy and gal. It was a one sided affair went on for 6 months after that she left the school :).

 5.                  No I can forget the hostel days. So was I. Those friends and those pranks you play and the times you bullied you juniors and times you were bullied. To bunk the hostel walls and go and watch the movies.

 6.                  Those measly pocket money you get every week end. And trips to the Local Guardian’s place on outings days,

 7.                  Coming down to college and a new smell of freedom. Bunking classes were much easier than taking a sick leave.

 8.                  Those weekend birthday parties where booze was an essential item. It was the time when food was surplus and booze was scarce.

 9.                  College never gave the exam blues as much it was in school. The study was the first priority in school days and it become the last when I came down to college. Marks 71% in 10th, 61 in 12th, and 57 in college is a sure shot sign of that.

 10.              For reasons unknown to me I still miss my school days more than my college days.

9 thoughts on “Ten things I miss having in my life now”

  1. Wow..amazing post..i loved it..
    The best part was – where love was what you did to your class teacher than to your classmate.
    and this – The only difference between a girl and boy was of skirt and shorts..


  2. Yeah… the good ‘ol school days… I feel really nostalgic whenever someone even mentions them. Tis so true that we used to absolutely loathe school studies back then but looking back, I wish there could be a way where I can revert back to those carefree days where nothing in the world mattered other than friends and fun.

    I used to organize a class re-union every 2 months when I was back home. Didn’t matter if a few could make it or the entire class – we used to share all the precious memories that we had in school. God I wish I was in India right now.


  3. Buzzzzzzzz…Am still sleeping.. this post of your good ol school days is a sure wake up call for me…

    And what did you say there? You are gonna send your kid to hostel?!? I never thought you would this emotion less….


  4. @Arshat.
    Thanks a ton buddy. Your compliment motivates me.
    The new theme is based on Mac OS X looks.

    Yes mate. Its great to remember those days when we were care-free. It good to know that you used to catch up with ur school friends.

    What? you never shared your lunch box with ur class teacher. or got a gift for him/her. I have done that.

    waky waky!! I know i am cruel but hostel life teaches one to make friends. may be they wont learn bout the outside world but they will surely learn soemthing more than that in life.

    Its thakur not but english pronunciation made it tagore.
    Please visit the site for more clarification visit


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