This New Year.

HappyKitten pinged me yesterday and asked me about how was my new year n how is my life going?Here you go people the detail new year eve and the days after that.

The new year eve was an eventful night. I went to one of the new years party where Stags were allowed. but i never knew that there were so many stags in bangalore that it will take a whole hour to get inside. Once inside it was more crowded in than it was outside. On top of that the food was over and the free beer counter was being broken. so i planned to return home just to find that my roomies have left for joy ride across the town. Therefor i was sitting alone at my house and celebrated New year alone. 

Some good news. Joined a start-up company as a MAC OS X Developer. It was a start-up that gave me a chance to start up again. But all I had to do was to quit it and join  another one( I went just 5 days). My new employers don’t work on mac. They are a mobile communication company. The reason was not money. It was job security.

Some of you  may had problems accessing my site. It was all because my host had some sort of server issues. Thanks Vignesh and Viswas for the notification. Just now I found out that the site host were upgrading their server and due to the same the problems was raised. In the process the guys have deleted some of my post and by gods grace i had the backup of the same. so it was a matter of seconds that i have all back here. if there are any issue again. do let me know. 

7 thoughts on “This New Year.”

  1. Hey no problem… I’m here anytime you need help 😆

    Humm regarding OSX, its apples and oranges, I preferred windows because it let me play a lot of games then shifted to ubuntu for security and open source (and cedega which let me play win32 games on linux). With the advent of bootcamp and the new intel mac’s, I might actually go for one pretty soon. The only deterrent factor is the exorbitant pirce of a macbook pro ($2500 !!!) 😆


  2. Congrats!!! May good luck stalk you all da damn time!! 😀
    And Finally I’ve added you to my blogroll coz everytime I used to get lost trying to find you ..silly me. 😕


  3. @Sandhya.
    A start-up is a new company. Thanks

    $2500 is worth the cost. and for ur info games of windows are being ported for mac. Including Tom Raider: Anniversary and Bio Shock!! Please don’t ask how i know!!

    Thanks for the wishes. You added in my BlogRoll


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