The story of TWO

This is a true story of a guy who was ragged by his seniors at an engineering college. The college in the context had a rule that the juniors have to wear formals. The guy was in formals but he never wore socks. So the senior caught him with socks and asked him

Senior: Moza kaha hai(where is the socks).

Junior: i have washed them.

Senior: Dusara moza nahi hai? (You dont have second socks?)

Junior: Hai (yes i have)

Senior: Tab pehna kyu nahi? (Than why didn’t you wear?)

Junior: Mai dono moza eik sath dhota hu (I wash both my socks together)

The story at my end is that i am loving my life at the new company.   I was talking to one of my rakhi sis!! She told me i look like a Chowkidar (watchman) at present and asked me to revamp my looks. Starting with losing my paunch.    For the same i have started to drink warm lemon water with honey early morning.  Playing table tennis while at the office. Please dont ask about my eating habit. i am yet to change them.

I will be meeting my parents soon.  They are coming down to attend the marriage of my cousin sister.

Rest some time later.

5 thoughts on “The story of TWO”

  1. All the best… u better get a before – after photo 😛 I am trying to put on some more weight.. mmm any suggestions ? may be we can exchange our eating habits 😉


  2. @dinsan & Chriz
    Wanna get fat? here is the deal.
    One spoon of Ghee early in the morning. and one pint of Beer at night will surely help

    @sss jv
    thanks for stopping by. i was never ragged. so no funny details.. 🙁


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