Played Down

Last week I was back to where all of this started. Yeah i was at Udupi. For the unknown I was working there and this website came into being while I was there. Though I had a blogspot account but it was after reading ouchmytoe by jammy i started a search for my own site and here it was a humble yet not so known website :P.

But this post has still more to say than just the reminder that this site was made at udupi. Last saturday i was at Udupi. Some of you may ask why I was there? Well, some of my stuff including my TV was left at udupi. and some of my ex-colleagues were using as if the TV was a free GIFT. (Free as in a meal). So thought of getting it back than leaving with strangers. Just while typing this it struk me that it’s the first thing i bought with my salary for myself.

I was on my way to bangalore the very next day i.e. on sunday.The day being sunday so I thought lets get back to watching plays and this times also its Ranga shankara. I was at ranga watching a play called “The Invisible River” I play based on the fight with one self and one’s beliefs. I great play and even better direction. So I am playing my self a little more than i should and enjoying my life to the lees.

Here is another news. This site will celebrate its first anniversary on 17th of March. Yes its one year and i still blogging my hearts off!! I am planning to shift this blog from here to the main Page. so before doing it i wish to know how many of you say yes to the shift and how many want me to stay here. BTW the home page is made by one of my college mates and it works only with firefox.

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  1. Depends.. if you really care about the search engine traffic… rankings, listings, external links etc if these things are ok with you.. I mean, losing them.. is ok with you, shifting your blog to your homepage, is a good idea indeed… šŸ™‚


  2. Congratulations for completion of 1 yr in the blogosphere šŸ˜€

    I had (and still have) similar thoughts of migrating my blog to my main domain but then I’ve got 4 subdomains and it would be a huge pain to change the DB paths Esp in my embedded WP and Gallery pages. The option is still open and I’m also considering using drupal or a separate installation of WP and auto-blog plugin for the main site.

    I guess, you don’t have to worry about any of that so go ahead and migrate if you wish. Its only a matter of putting a simple HTTP redirect on the blog index page to redirect traffic to your main site then.

    As for me, I like keeping things sorted and organized so it would be 4 subdomains for me


  3. Udidpi.. brings to my mind the Dosas, Utthapams, Poori etc. Do you know that here in Kuwait there is a chain of restaurants named “Udidpi”. The food is great!

    Happy bday to ur blog!


  4. Its been a year? wow mate.. Congrats šŸ™‚
    I dont think you should shift.. I mean I already have the favorities configured on my PC..i ll hav to change tht…. it will be too much of work mate… šŸ˜›


  5. @ All
    thanks for your wishes and comments that i am still writing these blogs. You guys are a great inspiration for me.

    BTW i have changed my plan of shifting this blog. and have redirected my hyome page to this sub domain šŸ˜›


  6. where ever you shift., i will follow u to comment.. anyways change is teh only constant thing in the world… congrats bud for the first year anniversary.. keep rocking


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