This post is dedicated to a dream which i had broken.Before that some good news. We have finished our trainee project and we are free these days. How do we celebrate? What could be a better way to celebrate by doing the way we used to do it during our college days? BUNK! We bunked office and went to watch Race. A team of 7 of us left office at 2 and had a fun filled day with popcorn and loads of babes. Nah not the office ones but on the screen. I heard from that dream yesterday and this to tell her i am really sorry!!

3 thoughts on “Dream”

  1. Love the layout..How do you get such profesional themes mate?
    Loved the post too.. Can we know a lil more about the “dream” of yours?
    btw, you can remove the boundary around the smileys, just search google..


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