How will you feel when you are raped twice just in 30 hours duration. That too just after the office hours. well the first time i went voluntarily in the den and second time it was an innocent invitation that led from one thing to other and before I can think anything i was inside the den.

If you are thinking how come guys be raped ever heard of “getting screwed.” Without much delay lets start the with the first time. It was the holy day of thursday time 5 pm venue the company auditorium, reason – quiz competition. It was a 25 question GK quiz and me and my friend were able to answer all. the only problem was that we got 2 right.

It was an average day at office today i reached at 11 am and than had round of coffee. Checked the mails by the time it was 12:45, went for a lunch, had a hearty lunch of kerla parota and capsicum baby corn curry, with a glass to juice to drown it down, came back at 2 and time for a good night sleep. Look i am working too much these days. was kicked by a guy to wake up at 4 to go and play TT. after coming back one of my colleague asked wanna meet some one. I said sure. and off we went. Just to be found the den of a direct marketing guy. Locked inside a room with guys. Mind Fu(ked for 2 hours and i was oh no where the hell i am stuck. god save me. hope i am much more careful next time. so that people cant rape my head like this.

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  1. Ha ha ha ๐Ÿ™‚ It was just a chance taken by them… ha i think even they might have felt the same after speaking to you for 2 hrs. Tum bathome kisise kam nahi ๐Ÿ˜›


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