Working my @$$ off!!

If you are made to work like a donkey and paid peanuts what will you do. Leave the company or ask for less work and a pay hike. isn’t it?

But there is another way you can get your money back. How? well its much simpler than above said things. Go ahead and do what i do. Either do less work or start a social life of your own or you can do both.

It seems that most of the salaried people are either working like hell so that they can save for their future. but the forget that its the present what matters the most not the future. I have seen people thinking about their future and the forget what they have got in hand. Guys enjoy and try to find happiness in what you have got.

Few days back some of we friends went for bowling. Instead of thinking that is it worth its better to take a plung let us see if it was worth of. and after we were done we felt the the time spent was worth the money spend. It was fun seeing the 10 pins falls. For most of us were either first or second timers. But we took and chance and it was what we thought that our present is what we can enjoy nor its our future neither our past which we can do anything to.

I remember one line from some movie it was goes something like this ” We crib at our past and worry about future. Its like standing on the two boats called Past and Future and pissing on our present.”

Guys work like you dont have to work tomrrow but make sure that when you party you party like there would not be another like this for a long time. Cherish every good moments and remember bad one when you are in DEEP SHIT and think if i can get out that one than i can get out of this too.

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