Warming the back side

In the last weeks my friends ask me what do u do at the office. And my reply is warming my back in the AC cooled room. For those who never got the meaning I am on the bench. Well those who think bench is the best place on the earth and there is nothing better than bench. You don’t have to do anything just sit, surf, read a book and go home early. But what about getting bored. Where you are alone and people in the next cubicle is working. So guys who think bench is the best place think again!!! cos you are right!! It is indeed the best place.

How many of you have seen a software engineer coming home at 6 o’ clock in the evening. None. If you have seen one he/she must be on the bench. I know how good bench feels. You can chat for long hours without any dead lines, except its time to go home. You take a break from coffee machine and not a break for coffee. You can come late and go early. Lunch hour is of one hour and sometimes you can stretch it a bit more and no one will complain.

If you are really bored than you can have your creative juices flow and write a blog just like the way I am doing at present. And if the money of you have received as so called salary is more than you can spend. Than use the precious band width of the company and become a stock market player. Start earning a little more. It would be an extra income without any problem!! Those who are bit plump go ahead and learn a new game. That could be either TT, football, basketball, Chess (against a human) as most of the IT companies have got at least one of the game. Attend gym if there is one. And yes you have time so downlaod some music so that when you are in project you can listen to music when the boss is shouting his heart out.

So those who think they are on bench and having a bad time guys wake up. It’s the golden period and please don’t waste it getting boring.

BTW I have a good news to share by the next week I will be in a project. Bye bye bench. It was the worst time alone sitting.

6 thoughts on “Warming the back side”

  1. The post is great and I wanted to be the 1st one to comment and laugh on being-on-bench phenomenon!!!! lol. But isnt life great with less to do? I mean these days I can barely rest my poor back on a chair!!!
    Destiny, I would sum up.


  2. man this lay out is good.. i cant comment on the previous lay out… santosh.. need a pix of urs.. me writing a post on my blogmates.. you are my first blog mate , right from the live journal days.. thanks to jammy!!!


  3. all these days i was tryin to find a way to comment on ur blog da. Give me a manual which describes how to comment on ur blog.

    Bench days are THE BEST days in a s/w engg’s life dude. No way u can argue that. I accept the fact that if u stay away from home u wil be bored somewat, but otherwise its total bliss.


  4. @aditi
    thanks for the comment. adn notifing about the comments issue.

    @ Chriz.
    the issue is solved. and the pic is sent to your mail id.

    @Crazzy Bugga
    As i write this comment the bench are remain numbered and i off to some dumb project.


  5. I didn’t had a chance to be on bench for more than 2 days,, but i know how soothing it feels when you don’t have anything to do.. Other than Sitting in the library, browsing net.. and seeking hot chicks.. IF ANY(Not in my case.. I am in chennai)..
    Nice post machan..


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