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Hmmmm. SO what is this post all about. Preparing for a post? Or posting something that was already there? or post about something which has already happend to me. Non of the above its about the war between post and pre. Something like “To Bill or not To bill, is the question?” still confused??? this is all about the so called the mobile usage system. Either of the prepaid or postpaid. After a stint of 2 years with post paid i am shifting back to pre paid. And the reason is not the ever mounting bills or low credit limit (I have a credit limit of 12,400). The reason is very simple. There is no use in taking a post paid conenction when the prepaid offers are much better and cheaper. The guys at Airtel were asking 99 bucks for all india STD @ Rs1 for my post paid and same is given for prepaid guys @ Rs 31.

The reason of my previous transfer to Post paid was that the charges was less and the offer that they gave simply great. but after the price war started by airtel by reduing the call charges to Rs 1.50 its not much of zing left in the post paid offers.

Either the telecos have to wake up and update their post paid plans or there people will start moving towards the pre paid plans.

There is still a good idea for those who can spend some money. Goto any service provider and ask them that you wish to have a post paid connection and get a really cool number. and than go ahead and switch to the prepaid. Great na?

BTW please let me know if you are prepaid or post paid user and do you really wish to switch to the other side of the payment mode?

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  1. I have a post paid connection, which they call a ‘corporate one’ while I can see the same offers given to anyone if you walk down to their store.
    I think they are not interested to improve the post paid connection is because they know that once we are in it, we will find it difficult to change the number. I think once TRAI implement ‘one number all over india/network provider’ they will wake up. Under this you can switch you network provider, prepaid, postapaid without changing the number.
    The n/w providers are delaying it.


  2. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    I too have a post on post paid connections… with bpl/hutch/vodafone

    I left postpaid … and I was spending a lot on prepaid for std .. calling bangalore u know.. πŸ˜€

    Now that both of us have reliance prepaid phones we spend Rs 500 and talk for hours πŸ˜‰ thansk reliance !!


  3. First things first.. I looove the new look..
    I have been a prepaid customer.. And I dont think i wud wanna change tht ever..
    Btw,(brag mode)I have a credit limit of 50k! yeey! 😈


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