Should I move on?

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Its been few days and the lady with whom i wanted to talk so desperately never called back. SO now i think its time to move on with life and hope that one day we will meet. If god allows and she plans :). Its better to remember those times as sweet memory and go on with life. 

BTW now i ask my dear readers. (I know there are very few of them) but still i ask you all. What should I do? 

In the mean time a new post coming up in a few days about my new PMP (Personal Media Player). I know I have already done a post about that but as people know i love to brag about myself 😛

4 thoughts on “Should I move on?”

  1. Well, Its really easy to say you should move on. But I know its equally tough to do so. And in fact even if you move on, you won’t be able to erase it


  2. What a perfect question at the crack of new year ! ‘Move on’ sounds very strong n nice n positive. SO i would definitely say ‘Move on’ but only after you are convinced you had given it fair chances. I hope this year brings you whatever you had been wishing for. Happy 2009 mate !


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