Stepping into the cook’s shoe

What else could be the best way to welcome the new year. You are dead drunk and still attend calls from family and friends. Dance some of the most obscene step including the nagina dance.  Note:- The video coming soon :).

but this post is not about the new year but its my love with the kitchen and the becoming a cooker a few weeks back. The day being sunday and a cook off day . It was me who had to don the role of our cook. Yeah i know its should be the HAT but my cook is yet to know what is  HAT and an Apron so its the shoes for the time being.

Here is my version of Paneer Masala.

Serves – 3-4 people

Time needed  – Minimum 40- 45 minutes (from peeling of onions to the final dish)


Oil – 3-4 Spoons (Type is your choice olive, mustard, refined, sunflower)

Onions Puree – 3-4 medium size (Just put them in mixie)

Ginger Garlic and Green Chili Paste – one spoon

Tomato Puree -3-4 medium size (Just put them in mixie)

Garam Masala – half to 3/4 Tea spoon (dont put too much)

Salt – To Taste

and Paneer – Diced (Quantity- Its on you how much you want)

How to make:

If you have the above mentioned ingredients than it should look like some thing like this

Starting Up

PS:- Make sure you do this on a low flame. The low falme add some extra taste 🙂

And than take a wok (kadahi) and put the oil in and let it get warm. Add  Ginger Garlic and Green Chili Paste and fry it for second or two.Adding Ginger garlic and green chilies

And add the onion puree and keep stirring fr 5-6 minute. add salt and garam masala. and keep stirring the onion puree  till is becomes 1/3 of its quantity. and start to look something like this.

After onions

Than add the tomato puree and reduce it again to 1/3 of the quantity. and should look like this.

After Tomato

if you take a whiff of the the product in making it should it not smell of garam masala. add water as per your need. how much gravy you need. add paneer and simmer for few minutes and you are done . should the final product look like this. 🙂

Final Paneer Masala

Do let me know how it tastes.

Disclaimer : BTW this whole recipie is written under the spell of intoxication and the authors guarantees the product will be the best you have tasted in recent times.

4 thoughts on “Stepping into the cook’s shoe”

  1. santosh.. no words.. sooper awesome.. were you drunk while cooking too?

    hehe.. i will try this and am waiting for the dance moves videos.. upload it soon..

    god bless ya..


  2. Hey Happy newyear!!
    That was a good one.. next time add a little bit of milk after taking it out from the stove.. it adds to the taste 🙂 (experience from recent cooking 😉 )


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