Trying Hard

Dear Friends,

If you remember my this post written some where last year when i was in the heaven called Bench. From then till now there were lots of changes on my professional front that includes few projects, some more becnh hour and a emotional job change. Emotional becuase it was one hell of thinking between a compny with a brnad value or a company which is still paying salary. (My last job had resorted to pay cut of upto 100%) Money got the better of me and here i am working for a company who is still paying salary. (That too 100% including variable component.)Β 

I am trying to make sure that this company keeps paying me my salaries and to do so i am working hard. Which has taken a toll towards my blogging and related activities. If there are chances that i have not visited your blogs in years then please bear with me. Lets hope that i come out of this soon and become a active blogger.

10 thoughts on “Trying Hard”

  1. Its good to know you have started working at work place for a change. You have wasted many hours of the firms that hired you, so this change is definitely welcome! keep up with it. Though not very sure, if you still can be productive, even though you are hardworking, weird isn’t but thats you πŸ˜€


  2. @Someone.
    Its true that hours were wasted but who was responsible shouldn’t be decided just on the fact that i never worked. It can be the mistake of the firm for not using me as one of the resources or taking into consideration while allocating work. where as the place i am working at present takes me seriously.

    I am also not sure if i am being productive or am hard working but i am loving the development work here which is more fun than the “porting work” i have done while i was working with you.


  3. I already have a life. its you who is cribbing about what other are or in your terms are not :). and yeah hiding name dosent mean that i wont be able to find out who you are. This one is for you Atleast i know how to code.


  4. Coding hehe πŸ™‚ Better not talk about your coding skills. A first year college student will do better, I am sure. And watch out for your current job, I reckon 3 months topsss before you are out on street again. Good luck!


    S4n705h Reply:

    @deaR whoeveR,

    Never expected that from a “tester” who became a developer (don’t know how) and all could do was documentation. Get a life mate and stop bugging me with your kiddie comments. You also know what you are!


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