Shopping Aur Mai

People ‘shop’ when there is a ‘need’ but do excessive shopping to spend money or to repair a broken heart.

When I look back , I find that,  i don’t fall in any of these categories. The shopping was done because it was needed but what I shopped for was more than the need! For eg. instead of 2 shirts that i needed i bought 4 because i liked them. If you remember my Last Post I had done lots of shopping. I am yet to find out if they were excessive or not.

So here is the experience i gained from my shopping spree for last few months

  1. If you find a “single piece” item “without price tag” (which you like) in a mega store(like shoppers stop, lifestyle etc.) try to bargain with the guy who is showing you the item and chances are that you will get it cheaper than the item’s original price.
  2. By any chance the sale person tell you the correct price take that item to billing counter and chances are that the billing person will bill you less than what the price is.
  3. When you leave the counter make sure to check your bill, the billing guys always bill for more than what you have bought
  4. Don’t buy anything in rush. You will either pay more, buy costly item, get some defective item, get cloths that don’t fit or end up leaving your card/cash at the shop.
  5. Don’t ever utter the price of item while its being billed. chances are that it will be billed wrong. (vary rarely)
  6. If you are buying anything online make sure to read the T&C of the offer. Chances are that you will not get the offer because you forgot to click the small red button on the page where it said “You are done, Click next to continue!” without ever mentioning anything about the red button.
  7. When buying alcohol ask the price before hand. Chances are that the price quoted will be more than the MRP.
  8. If your next door Kiranawala (Grocery Store) return the change more than what he should have. Tell him and give the money back. You will surely get extra attention every time you visit. 🙂
  9. Never ever listen to a sales person who talks too smooth. He will sell you the worst item in the store.

This is out of my personal experience. here are the instance when it happened.

  1. Bought a Louis Phillippe for 1200 the MRP i later found out was 1700.
  2. Bought 4 shirts of Peter England for 1200 in buy 1 get 1 offer. 3 shirts were for 600 and one (tag-less for 800)
  3. Paid 1600 for a 1500 Louis Phillippe trouser.
  4. Paid 300 extra for a top because saw the cost of smaller size top.
  5. The tag price for the deo was 120 but was billed as 1200
  6. I missed the gift because i selected the same gift where the rule was “The buyer has to select different gift for each purchase”
  7. I paid 1000 rupees for a bottle of VAT69 priced at 900
  8. Its common sense.
  9. I bought a polyester trouser for 1300 because the sales guy was too smooth.

so stop laughing at my plight and tell me any more tip that you have.

One thought on “Shopping Aur Mai”

  1. 1.Really? Everytime I ask for the price, he gets me another piece of the same model and that shows the exact price.:(
    6.How true.
    7. Got no experience.:)
    8. Very true and very sweet. That’s how we should be with every one, right:)


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