Lies, Lies and More Lies

This is a Open Letter directed towards a person whom i have known for few years, supposedly celebrates her birthday on 1st of feb and lives outside india.

Dear Miss (or should i call u Mrs) unknown to me,

It was nice to have known you by so many names, email id’s and numbers. It was my mistake to have believed that people met on internet are real and may be they will let you know all about themselves. In most of the cases people online told me who they are and what they do. But as it turns out you were different. You were scared that people may misuse your identity, so you never told anyone as to who you are. You wanted to know everything about me but never told me a single thing about except obscure details like having a large family and stuff.

Just as it turns out i still don’t have much info on you but whatever info i have is more than enough to “think” some of the stuffs what you have told is all lies and thank you for that. I Hope that i will know little more bout u soon and it wont be a bag of lies or obscure truth.


Santosh Kumar.

9 thoughts on “Lies, Lies and More Lies”

  1. Jab kisi ko dost banaiye to uski achaiyo ke sath sath buraiyo ko bhi accept kijiye. Mai janti hu ki mene bahut kuch chupaya hai lekin na mene aapki kisi galat baat par aapse ese gusse hokar apko baatey sunai hai aur na kabhi aapki di hui kisi bhi information ka miss use kiya hai. Aapne to mere wo gane bhi jo sirf aapke liye gaye the net par daal diye, kya esa karna sahi tha, kya tab mujhe dukh nai hua hoga???????????

    Santosh, is duniya me har insaan aapke jesa hi hai, ye sochna to thik nahi he na. Har kisi ka apna apna nature hota hai. Aap itne open larke ho aur meri tarah apni koi baat chupate nahi isi liye mujhe aap itne ache lage the.


    vijay kumar Reply:

    hi i am Suraj its my nick name me delhi me rehta hu


  2. Kya baat hai sir…aaj to puri bharas nikal rahe hain..waise personally I wont bother talking to someone who is not willing to identify themselves.


  3. Alok sahi kah rahe he. jo insaan apni aap ko identify karne ke liye willing na ho us se baat karne ka koi fayda nahi. Aapko bhi ese logo se baat nahi karni chaiye.


  4. @anshu
    kuch nahi.. ofice aa kar batata hu. aiwe hi late utha maan nahi kar rah tha office ane ka isliye nahi aya.

    so true.

    Bhai sabhi apni pani soch hoti hai.. thanks for the reply


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