Another Year, Another B’Day and a Accident

New year has come and gone and its the month of Feb. The month of wishes. Its to wish the two people in life whom i wish “Happy Birthday” again. I am not sure if i can continue this tradition but i will try. But its time to wish “Happy Birthday Dear.”

Another News to add is that i just met with an accident. it was on the main road at 5 in the morning with the motor bike that my friend was driving. As it turns out there was no vehicle coming from behind else you wont be seeing this post but our obituary in the paper.

Here are the Medal of Honor

Result of AccidentSee u at the other side.

3 thoughts on “Another Year, Another B’Day and a Accident”

  1. Thank God you are safe !! Careful with your bike and the friend ! 🙂


    S4n705h Reply:

    I thanked God the very moment i was on my feet. :). In this scenario I have to be careful of Oil on Road and No Street Lights..


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