“This page has been updated to let you people know a little more about me.”

I am Santosh kumar A.K.A. s4n705h ( For Non-Geeks its my name in a language you dont know ). I work for peanuts, as the other computer engineer in India. If you think that you are working for nothing look at other engineer and you will cry your heart out.

BTW this blog was started with the sole idea in the mind of writing something which I believe in or rather lets call it myself. I dont have any passion for writing but I wish that I continue to read and understand the normal human language. So to keep myself from forgetting the language  so called english hence I write these post.

If you have reached till here and still want something more from me than you have only 3 options left and those are mentioned below.

Read My blog at http://KrishnaUsha.com


Ring me up at +91.9901.77.3323


mail me at sa (dot) santosh (at) gmail (dot) com

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