The Trip

P.S.-> Its been more than 10 days since last message as i was on most outside than on my comp. Here the detail.

Last weekend i was in Bangalore. Some people who meet me there asked me “how come you are in Bangalore?” I told them its been a long time so have come down for a Peg or two. 🙄 The main reason was that i had to get my final year marks card from my college. which as my friends told me will be given only to me and no one else. Now the question arises what i have actually done there. WELL, I had a enjoyed some heartily parties in some of the posh restaurants of Bangalore(if restaurants were not posh by looks than cost-wise they are surely posh). Had quite a few pegs and for those who don’t know they look really cute on my wall. I have just put them on the wall and yet to put cloths on those pegs.

I had a nice 3 days long weekend. But the trips continued. they were many. some necessary some not. some gave relief some not. most ached some not. Just for the readers info, I am a guy who loves to roam, never confined to one place. thats why i was always standing outside my class more than inside. This time i hated those trips to the Loo, due to loose motions. 😥
(For those who are still thinking about the marks card. I am also thinking the same)

Love Labour Lost

Love: • noun 1 an intense feeling of deep affection. 2 a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone. 3 a great interest and pleasure in something. 4 a person or thing that one loves.

Labour: • noun 1 work, especially hard physical work. 2 workers collectively. 3 (Labour) the Labour Party. 4 The process of child birth.

Lost: past and past participle of LOSE.

I have seen all the three in my small life of 24 years, Collectively and individually. Except those which i have striked out. Let me walk you guys through them some of the situation when i have seen them.

<!--adsense#1-->Love: I love my Dad for being there as a bank and never asked to return his money(as most the banks do)

Labour: It was the most choking moment for me and i was not able to speak few years. Than i grew up learnt to speak

Lost: When my GF asking me have you lost anything and i said “My Mind”

Love and Labour: when My father with lots of love made me wash his Car

Love and Lost: When the bitch i wanted to Make Love with went missing

Labour Lost: The 25paise coin i took out from gutter was taken by the road side bully.

Love Labout Lost: when i forgot the login password to my wordpress account.

It was the most scary moment for me when when i forgot my wordpress login password. 4 hours and no answer. I must be crazy when i was trying for the password. i do remember my password has 6 char. i tried everything but no vain it was the same thing. but suddenly i saw the inevitable. The Caps Lock was on. and voila the mistake is found out and i am back. so the moral of the story keep your password in all CAPS so that no tension of turning off the caps lock.

Studio One..

I used to be a volunteer at a small theater in Bangalore. it was called Rangashankara My main work was to usher people in and make sure that they don’t use their cell phones during the show. For those who don’t know what is ushering it is a better word for door keeper or still a Darban in Hindi. than why i have to do this work. Its a free show for me and i never had to buy TV to pass my time. The best way to pass time for a engineering student, i used to be a Visiting Student for my college. My attendance was more 75% for not going to college.

<!--adsense#1-->As the saying goes History repeats. The same happened yesterday. i turned on the TV at 10:30 to watch the Comedy Show on Star One. But a totally different show was on the channel. It was called Studio One. It a series in which the channel telecasts some Short Films which has got one single theme. The Human Nature. Suddenly every thing came flooding back. I took my position on the gate to usher people in and made sure that no one is talking or using his/her mobile phone.

Vote of thanks

I have been trying to shift from “blog spot” to to my own domain from long time. and now the time has come and i am here at my new destination. The shift took some time of me and it was a non eventful shift. I have been helped by some one. I would like to thanks Mr Vishwas of XVXZ. Thanks Vishwas.

The only event which is worth mentioning is the minor heart attack i got when i transfered money from my account to pay for the domain name. I got a call from my bank manager who told me “we just came to know of the Dot Com brust of 1999!!! Sorry for the delay but as you have registed a Dot Com site all your fund will freezed by the midnight 2099”

Do let me know about any tip or trick or any suggestion.

What a match it was

People must be thinking that i am talking about the match of India beating Bermuda black and blue in the ICC cricket world cup. No!! its a totally different ball game. where the spectators were less than the participants. It was the annual sports day of my company on 17Th Mar 2007. Believe it or not but most of the participants were not there. Reason being some fools thought it would be fun to stop the road transport from doing their daily round of ferrying passengers from Mangalore to Udupi ( In short they had a Rasta Roko) But the good part was most of the people who came as the spectator actually took part in some of the events they thought they will not take part in. ( Mind you the “m” here stand for Meters and not millimeters

i took part in 1000m race but was able to complete just 600 m before calling it quits. Threw some Disc and Metal balls they had some funny names for it calling them Discus and Shot-put. looks like someone had made some mistake while naming these events. the disc or so called discus is thrown aways without any Discussion and the metal ball when landed remains Put for a long time instead of short.

later in the day was kabaddi game and volleyball. mind u by now we do had some more spectators, who came walking 5-10 Km or who took a lift but they came. it was good to know that all 7 teams for volleyball had the minimum number of player. By the days end the events were called semi success as most of the gals preferred to stay PUT at home and missed all the Chance to discuss all those special gaming idea with them