What a match it was

People must be thinking that i am talking about the match of India beating Bermuda black and blue in the ICC cricket world cup. No!! its a totally different ball game. where the spectators were less than the participants. It was the annual sports day of my company on 17Th Mar 2007. Believe it or not but most of the participants were not there. Reason being some fools thought it would be fun to stop the road transport from doing their daily round of ferrying passengers from Mangalore to Udupi ( In short they had a Rasta Roko) But the good part was most of the people who came as the spectator actually took part in some of the events they thought they will not take part in. ( Mind you the “m” here stand for Meters and not millimeters

i took part in 1000m race but was able to complete just 600 m before calling it quits. Threw some Disc and Metal balls they had some funny names for it calling them Discus and Shot-put. looks like someone had made some mistake while naming these events. the disc or so called discus is thrown aways without any Discussion and the metal ball when landed remains Put for a long time instead of short.

later in the day was kabaddi game and volleyball. mind u by now we do had some more spectators, who came walking 5-10 Km or who took a lift but they came. it was good to know that all 7 teams for volleyball had the minimum number of player. By the days end the events were called semi success as most of the gals preferred to stay PUT at home and missed all the Chance to discuss all those special gaming idea with them

Spiced up Indigo

Its great to be back. It was a fun filled weekend and an emotional one too. Though I was a bit stress due to the journey which I had to do literally everyday.

The whole exercise of going home and coming back told me one thing that I shouldn’t travel by flights any more. The reason being that Indigo was delayed by more than 2 hours. But the biggest problem is that they don’t serve anything to eat.

Indigo –> Sells food and beverages, which includes cold drink, cookies, packaged juices and some silly chocolate. But mind you nothing here is for eating. I even asked the crew what is do they have for beverages. She looked at me like I am an illiterate and said juice and cold drink. I asked what about Tea, Coffee or U? She told me the Lavatory at the back is empty and third choice is available. At that very moment the safety belt sign was turned on was not switched off till we landed at the airport.

Spice Jet –> They don’t provide anything to eat (except free cookies). When we landed at Hyderabad I even asked them if they can get anything from outside. The hostess looked at me like I am the world’s biggest runaway criminal and I committed have world’s biggest crime by asking her to get me something to eat from outside. She gave a glare and said “Its not in our policy to get food from outside. It will be security breach.”

Let me tell you the itinerary.
My 6 days long journey started on 1st of March,

Day 1 – Come to office and ask for a leave. Work for half day than leave for the railway station. Board the train at 4:30Pm for Mumbai. (Its a 14 hours long journey from Udupi to Mumbai). I know that luck plays a big part when it comes to me. (Mostly it’s my bad luck). I did my reservation for an AC 3 tier sleeper coach but thanks to Lalu ji and his seat upgradation scheme. My seat was upgraded to ac 2-tier sleeper. Great Na!! But when I saw that my co passengers were Uncles and aunty of more than age of 60. (My old seat had a bunch of Manipal gals traveling :(.)

Day 2 – Arrival Bombay @ 11.30 (4 hours delay). My 2:30 flight of indigo delayed by 2 hours. Reached Calcutta at 7. Took a train to Bihar at 8.40

Day 3 – Arrive at Pirpainti (My native. A small village in Bihar) @ 6.30 in the morning. Reach home and sleep a little more. Did nothing great, except playing cricket with my jiju, uncle’s kids and my bro. and at night Holika Dahan.

Day 4 – My face was full of colors much before I woke up. Played holi with after a gap of 9 years. Slept the whole day. Took a train for Calcutta

Day 5 – Took a spice jet flight to Bangalore @ 2.15. Reached Bangalore @ 6. Called up all my frens and meet them. Took a bus @9.35 for Udupi

Day 6 – back at Udupi @ 6AM

Home Sweet Home!!!

9 Years – Last time My whole family was together for a Festival

5 Years – Last time I celebrated Holi at my native

10 Months – Last time my whole family was together

6 Months – Last time I was at my native

3 Weeks – Last time I got my ticket reserved for to go home

1 Day – Time left to go home

6 Days – Time after which I will be back

9 Months – Time to start planning to go back to my home

God Knows – Time when my whole family will be together again

Infinity – Time after which my family would like to see me come home.

Huh, What a chronology? And, what is this “Family Reunion” kind of stuff? Ohhh!!! My mistake. Let me tell you a little about my background.

I am a guy born to a Marwari family in Bihar. (Don’t ask me that marwaris are from Rajasthan than how come I was born in Bihar? For more details contact my Parents). My small family consists off my 6 family members. That includes my Eldest sister and elder brother (rest on you to find).

Though my father told us that he is sending us to hostel because there are no good schools in my little village but I soon came to know the truth. I was the most handsome among my entire family member so the inferiority complex led me to an exile. Its already 14 years and counting.

The last time when my office declared a HOLIDAY, I celebrated holi with all my office mates. That includes colors and sweets.

Here is the advance wish to all of you on Holi and see you all after I get to meet my family.

Adultery!! Why Not?

Yesterday i came and opened all the regular blogs i read. and most of them had the blogs which meant all the same .. “ADULTERY” you dont belive me. Read the following blogs

Till I was 19, I was more familiar with the different parts of Madurai than my own body. Then, came along Shalini Menon who changed everything. Her father owned a Video cassette store (way back in 1995, VCDs and DVDs weren’t available) from where she stole a membership card and gave it to me as a birthday gift on April 26, 1995.
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Did you see the gossip news about actor Ralph Fiennes? He was on a long flight to India as part of his STD awareness program. The New York Post alleges that he had sex with a flight attendant in the airline bathroom. The flight attendant says there was no sex, that he just followed her in there and made a move that she rejected. He isn’t commenting.
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Dilbert Blog

There’s this old priest who got sick of all the people in his parish who kept confessing to adultery. One Sunday, in the pulpit, he said, If I hear one more person confess to adultery, I’ll quit!”
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Scrible Pad

so is this a adultery week or is the month has got anything to do with it. I did a little bit of googling and found out this.

The ongoing season is called as Vasant Ritu (Spring Season). and this season is considered as the love season. Love seems to float around. On second thoughts is it because of this that the valentines day is celebrated in the same season and the story about the saint valentine is all a fake. i am sure there must be some great conspiracy behind all this. Else why would 3 diffrent people living in 3 diffrent place and none attached to any one will write on the same topic. and on top of it one of the blogs actually tells about a person who was found having sex in an airplane toilet. Isnt it all because of this season.

May be the season has nothing to do with this. Than what else could be the reason for this? My other theory says suggest that it may be all because of the Mood swings and Hormonal imblace in men. ( Ladies you are not the only one ). This may be time of the year when all these three ( 4 if u consider the guy in airplane) men are having there bad Period.

All in all i would like to say that “Love Making is best in the Love Season”

Black Friday

This Post is all about the Movie “Black Friday” by Anurag Basu and my personal experience. I saw the movie some 2 years back. Don’t scratch your knees or head (wherever your brain is) “How come i have seen the movie released on 9Th February 2007 some time back in 2005?” Its by the grace of pirated CD shops and P2P networks. I got it from one of the Torrents sharing site. The only reason i saw the movie for its music. Whats so great about the music of the movie? Well listen them to know. Indian Ocean as the call themselves. I was lucky to listen to them in a concert at IIM Bangalore. But just for the you guys information that concert is the only concert i have ever attended. The concert made a true fan of Indian ocean.

A little bit of googling led me to the movie called Black Friday. The movie starts with the police getting a tip about the Bombay blast of ’93 but they take those a a joke and the next scene shows the step by step how blast was planned and how the police searched for the guys behind the plot of the blast. Kay Kay Menon is at his best. Be is comedy while eating Banana or not eating banana.

The music and movie is truly above par than the rest.