The other day i was having a chat my long lost friend. ( we were lost in the most ruthless corridors of our cubicles at the office). and exchaging the stories of our past life ( Life before lunch) and present life (While having the evening cigarette). oh my god save me from those ladies at our office. cant call them chicks due to their age ( we can always have the name chicken for them). and mind u they are yet to reveal their age. and my my mind just said Leave me or Leave me(its not a typo) . i wanna die. give me some break. these so called chicken are killing my eye sight. its better to burn my eyes by watching those skimpy clads maal ( mmmmmmmm…..) at forum mall. i ma planning to leave this company and stating to become a beggar in front of the forum mall bangalore.

Than there comes our HR ( WOW… Look at her). may god bless the company for keeping such a good looking HR. i have made all the efforts to have a chat or look of her. i have even bribed the guy at cafeteria and coffee shop to let me know when she comes. i have joined the company’s Works Committee so that i can see her for more than a mere glimps. and one i remembered my HR’s words if u have any problem do let me know. i go to her and say Love ME or I Leave… she said she will give her reply later.

two days later i got a invitation to join her for lunch. my lcuk wow.. what a lucky guy i am.. of course i am the next Hunk in making. i reach the destination. and instead of the HR there are 5 people with my HR’s god(goon) like husband ( the Hulk meets Hunk). its better to stay in hospital than to living in Hell.