Waiting for the call..

NOTE: This is a personal post for only one person. If you cant make head and tell of this post please dont ask me what is this all about. Because i myself dont know why i have written this post.

I am writing it to tell you that its more than six months that i had a chat with you, I am still waiting for your call when you will call me and say “Hiiiiiiii” (Yeah that used to be really long HI and full of happiness.) “Aap Kaise ho.”  Yeah those were the line i heard so many times. Buts its more than an year that i have not your bubbly cheery voice.

I do remember last time we had a chat and it was a short one at 4AM my time and you were too drunk to  remember that! BTW I have been trying to find you, your contact address or any thing that will let me know where are you? what you are doing? and above of all How are you? And in that persuit i did a little search and came to know that you have changed town from Et*****ke to Ca****y (I am hiding the minor details just for the sake of privacy :)) but thats the only detail i have. I would be needing some thing where i can contact you. You can mail call or send a message on my mobile from http://160by2.com BTW if you dont have a mail ID than you can still use my mail id the password is the same :).

P.S. I still have your voice recording of wo din yad hai wo palchin yaad hai 🙁

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Going Offline

I wont be available for next few days but this site will be available. I am off to my native if you any one wants to contect me just call me or leave a SMS on my number. Please if you planning to mail or ping me on messenger. I wont be able to reply as i will away from the internet. So see you guy till than

Of Writers and Readers

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Disclaimer: The opinion on the authors is my own and if you differ from my views. Please keep them to yourself. I won’t change them.

For past few months I on a reading spree thanks to www.indiaplaza.in I have been reading all the fictions that I can put my hands on. Just for the record I have bought 24 odd books including famous guys like Khuswant singh, Anita nair and New names like Ravi Subramanian,  Advaita Kala, Amitabha Bagchi etc and some international authors such as Jeffery Archer, Simon Heller and Robert Ludlum.

For those who are thinking I spend lots on books than read the first line again, I thanked India plaza. The reason for it is that they gave me gift coupons worth rs. 3000+ Before you guys guys say “WHAT THE F**K?”  There was a catch that I had to spend the whole amount on books and (in most cases) have to pitch in the same amount from my side. So that was it. I bought books and more books and more books. Its more than 2-month-old story and I have read some 10 books of the lot.

This post is nothing to brag about my reading, buying power. But it’s a simple comparison between the style of writing of different authors and the way they bond with the reader. I have planned to divide them in two leagues old and new. and another league as Indian and international.

First if we take the Old guys and new guys.

The old guys still exist because we love there writing style and they have made a mark of themselves. They have got their genre right. Among the one of the older generation I like are Anurag Mathur (the inscrutable american), Jeffery Archer (Read his most of books), Robert Ludlum (Another great writer, the Bourne series), Agatha Christi (Too slow paced).

Among the new one some used the tried and tasted formula of writing from the first person view (same style as the of chetan bhagat). And some went for a style, which I am yet to find out. Some of them are really good and some really HUH!!. The good ones are Advaita Kala (Almost Single), Sam Bourne, Xiaolu Guo (A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary For Lovers)

Coming to International and Desi authors.

I wont say that I love all the international writers. For instance I never liked Frederick Forsyth. For the simple reason that his books are too damn slow paced. As far as the international authors are concerned I started with Sidney Sheldon, went to Danielle steel (yeah I have read her too), and than found the genre I loved the most and ditched both of them to jump to the league of archer, Ludlum, follet, Alistair MacLean. Yeah I am more of a thriller kind of guy. But I have read M&B’s, Erich Segal,

Now the HUM bhartiya and stuff. Another for the record statement “I have read very few Indian authors.  Among them very few those famous kind.” And those whom I have read only a few were able to leave an impression on me. The author whom I liked the best has never written in English. He is Munshi Premchand. I have read his short stories compiled in 8 volumes of mansarovar. As far as other writer goes some are good, some bad, and some worst but none great. I have read Indian M&B, Danielle Steel in form of Shobaa De and Khuswant Singh.

Than it was the banker turned writer who just write for the sake of writing. Chentan bhagat’s first book 5 point someone left a mark. Rest were just books. In recent times I have heard of the Ravi Subramanian and his book “If god was a banker.” and if you have read the book I will say I am sorry for you. The book is just a piece of SHIT. Read Anita Nair’s satyr on the subway and it turns out that she was too lost in the book and forgot to write a true plot. 🙁

For rest of the authors I am yet to read them 🙂

I am mobile

My blog post can now be accessed via mobile. Yeah if you are away from the system and wanna keep abreast to my blog. than need not worry. Google SMS Channel and Krishna Usha have signed a MOU for providing the contents of this blog to its reader via SMS. To register for this service please visit MY Chit Chat’s SMS Registration Page or copy and paste the below metioned URL in your web browser.   http://labs.google.co.in/smschannels/subscribe/MyChitChat . You need to have a google account to register for this service. (Gmail and Orkut accounts will do)


This is the time of year when the web is filled with frenzy thanks mostly to the holiday season and people are busy surfing for gifts, e-cards, booking last minute tickets and remembering the ones they have forgotten for Loooooooooooong. For me it was again the same time of the year when some like and unlike minded people come online to crack Klueless. For the uninitiated this a game which can be addictive and frustrating. Can lead to sleep, food and work deprivation. So be careful. Its the 4th version of the game and hence named Klueless 4. Its an online treasure hunt type of game where you are given the link to the first page and are required to find the rest of the pages. For rules visit Klueless.

Yeah i have finished the game and ranked 39 with Abhishek of IBM Pune .The link to the famed hall of fame. Last year it was 372nd rank

Here are a set of hints for those who are stuck.

Level 0.  Simply Click

Level 1. What do you want to do?

Level 2. Universal Resource Locator is thy name.

Level 3. If you have attended your english classes you finish this level

Level 4. No one was before him. He was the first.

Level 5. Find the CORRECT link and look out for “power of .. ”

Level 6. Who is he?

Level 7. This One is really simple. It has two part first complete the series than you have use the image name to fill the answer.

Level 8. This one had me thinking. Solve the poem and find what is being talked about and just name him. Most of the things point to just one thing. (It has got a two word answer)

Level 9. The gibberish here is language in it self find the language and you are done 🙂

Level 10.  FInd the couple who are missing and give them a single name.

Level 11. Find the thing talked about and its original location

Level 12. This one makes you think alot. my advice find the geomatrical figure. and than try relating it to the perosn.

Level 13. Secret of 52 helps alot.

Level 14. With Regards. The source clue may help

Level 15. This has 3 part and to solve the the 3 part start with door 3 than door 1 and than door 2

Level 15c: You can find the answer in2 ways either by decoding the poem or by looking at the pic. If you cobine the both than  its the fastest way.

Level 15a. look up and find me.

Level 15b. WHy are you here. Go back in time.

Welcome to upperechelon!! You have completed 15 levels. BTW this was the level where Abhishek Joshi joined me on Gtalk and we started solving this together. BTW i must say Abhishek is a great guy with a superb mind.

Level 16. Convert everything that can be converted to chat language. and than apply the formulea.

Level 17. The first level where the hint can lead you to wrong path all together. Its just the first half of the hint that matters.

Level 18: Solve the first two questions and than do a simple search on the answer. Abhishek found out the answers and I found the way to solve

Level 19: FInd names of the all the things shown. and than Say Yahoo! (i found the name of the fish and abhishek gave us the answer 🙂 )

Level 20. This was really easy and it took us less than 10 minutes to come up with  an answer. Found the river name and voila we were done.

Level 21. This has got two things to do. One is to to change the URl and than do as the new url askes you to. Again Abhishek came to rescue 🙂

Level 22. Whats common between I and J

Level 23. Instead of finding the cipher just rack your brain and you will know the answer. BTW the answer is not Prudential

Level 24. Find who was laid to rest. You will find his worth there.

Level 25. This one was the toughest. It took us more than 6 hours. We searched from calc help to notepad help. But than the it came to our mind to search for the name of the pic and webpage title. and putting 2 and 2 together gave us the key. And abhishek gave the answer. It was morning 6 so said we called it a night, errrr morning.

Level 26. An unsolvable level with same sort of answer. 

Level 27. What does X and Y stand for. You are Cordially asked to Orient. Again abhishek came to rescue.

Level 28. Who framed what. BTW there are loads of false pointer so just select what is need. Abhishek solved the level the and gave me the answer

Level 29. I think the last levels clue was for this level. If you have solved the clue than think how to relate the solved answer to last levels clue. BTW dont use the clue directly. If you have got the meaning of the image than use the image name to solve this level. This level was helped to me 

Level 30. Abhishek found the answer by fluke and we than went to search how was the answer related to the clue. Find the differences. the most simplest hint will “look differently.” 

For the techies here is another hint.

find diffrence.