I am a girl…

This article includes few unknown characters and a prominent character known as BKP (name withheld without request). Incidentally this guy is also from Bihar and he is my flat mate.

Before we start the story a little bit of background about BKP. It will help you understand the article better. BKP is an electronics engineer, 2007 batch. He joined my company as a Trainee Control engineer (Trainee Tester, for technical personals). Two of his habit, which makes him different from other, is ?
1. Loves to boast about stuffs, which is indigestible. (For e.g. – He has a brother in USA working in some MNC, one studying in Harvard and don’t know how many more. Seems his father had just work after his marriage)

2. He loves girls. It’s not that boys love gals but he loves anything called a gal.

Now the story, It was a lonely Sunday night. Most us were went to the bed early because we knew what was in the store for us the very next day. It was Monday the worst day of the week. If you don’t know why it’s the worst day (Start working you moron). Our dear Mr. BKP as usual was chatting with something called a gal. It must be his good day ‘cos some one from an unknown messaged him. He shot back “who is this.” The person on the other side preferred to stay silent. And it’s the night end.

Next morning curiosity had the better of Mr. BKP and he sends another text
“Who is this?”

Pat comes a hostile reply, “ Robot, age -199 location – Dry River, Mars. Stop disturbing me you little earthling.”

Mr. BKP who learnt not to lose his confidence during such encounters sends another text, “Hey you its you who disturbed my sleep last night. So now tell me who are you and what on the sleeps name you sent me a good night message”

This time the sender softens a bit and replies “ Oh! I am sorry to disturb your sleep. Hello I am ………”

    To be continued…

For those who are cursing me please go and curse honeybee. I learned This trait from her.

Tag of war

Chriz tagged me. The condition was simple to answer 18 question sincerely. Here are the questions and answers..

1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it.
A greater than sign on between my eyes. Supposedly given by brother when he hit me with a spoon.

2.What does your phone look like?

Siemens Euroset

3. What is on the walls of your bedroom??Nothing!! Except the water marks which seeps in during rains

4. What is your current desktop picture??A dark black screen.

5. Do you believe in gay marriage?
Yes I do. Marriages are fun and cheerfulness (Another meaning of gay)

6. What do you want more than anything right now?
Project. I don’t have any!

7 . What time were you born?
Evening @ 4.11

8. Are your parents still together?
Yes. Thank god.

9. Last person who made you cry?
The freaking movie star while watching the movie

10. What is your favorite perfume / cologne?

11. What kind of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?
Anything color will do till they are there. Cos I don’t have any. (Weak eyes and balding head)

12. What are you listening to??Ranting of the PL in the next cubicle

13. Do you get scared of the dark??If the person with me in the room is a scary.

14. Do you like pain killers??Yes if they are available at the right time for the right pain (Including heart break).

15. Are you too shy to ask someone out??Online I have asked so many gals to come out and meet me and all of them have refused?

16. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?.

17. Who was the last person you made you mad?
No one. I make people mad

18. Who was the last person who made you smile?
A mad person always smiles. Even my photos smile!!


Few days back some of my class mates got married. Some were from my school days some from college days. I felt what is this marriage all about. Let me bring you different perspective of different people towards this institution.

Ladies first!!

They are the biggest reason why we have got marriage in this society.
When they are 4 they will marry off their Barbie with Ken.
By 10 they are ready to marry any guys who will share his lunch box with her.
By 18 they know all about marriage, kids and how to make them!! They have 1 boy friend who is dumb enough to spend all his pocket money for nothing.
By 24 they have seen and done it all and now have a dull husband and a crying baby in tow.

We guys!!

We are the ones who wish there was no marriage at all.
At the age of 4 we are trying to figure out how not to get caught in the pants zipper.
By 10 we come to know what is marriage. You know we are full 6 years late when it comes to know about marriage.
By 18 we know what is a girl and how she should be treated. We still believe a child is born when people exchange garlands.
By 24 – till death. We are still trying to demystify marriage and women. We have a pocket but no money!

A cute little child!!

They always think “kash main waha hota”. (Wish I was there!)
For them marriage is loads of people. New cloth, loads of kids to play with. And yes lots of ice cream.


They are better half of this element called marriage.
They try whole of their life to make the other half better by the means better known to them.
They believe that marriage is an institution where she is a lecturer to its only student who has lost his bachelor degree. It’s her job to make the student sit or stand and tell how many times to do the homework and how!( 😉 )


They are the other half (Remember better half) and most of them are rotten.
They try their whole life to balance between friend and wife.
They are made to believe one can have headaches 364 days a year. (Except her birthday if you don’t forget it)

P.S. -> This post was written in a happy mood by a BACHELOR. So please don’t get angry on anything written here!! and if you dont agree to anything said about your group than remember exception are always there

Girls and Me!!

This post is about ladies, who came into my life.

Let me start from the very beginning. When I was no more than a maggot. Yes! the nursery school. I had more GF than today’s bollywood hunks. Who won’t fall for a cute, chubby, innocent smiling kid? The list of ladies included the cute class teacher, the pretty little things and their moms. Man those were the days. I have forgotten the count of kisses I got from those. But with loves comes hate and there were some who hated me for getting so much love from all the four corners. They were non other than the pet dogs that started missing those lovely kisses, those cuddling which were passed on to me.

Soon I grew up and so do my popularity. I was admitted to the best school in town and the popularity reached before the person. I was already a star. The gals were head over heels and the guys wanted my head for their heels. Who would have so much popularity in school? Whenever I passed in the corridor girls would scream “Oh! Santosh is going.” Than one day one of my friend said “Yaar! Its more than a month you last took bath, the stink is unbearable.” Any one can assume that my popularity among girls by the simple fact. On rakhi I was the one with the maximum number of rakhi tied. The last time I was in school I had more rakhi sisters than Girl Friends.

Then came the college and I was hit the fact “99% of the girls in colleges are beautiful the Rest 1% are in my college.” College life saw me loosing my popularity because of two facts.

1. No one saw me in college one week before and after Rakhi (Experience Counts)
2. My notebook was the cleanest. Except the first page where my name was written

And than I joined a software firm. Here I expected some really good-looking gals but luck was not on my side. With a ratio girls to boys of 1:10 I never had a chance.

P.S. 28th is rakhi and I have already taken 5 days leave. (Again experience counts). I hope some of the inexperienced one get eliminated on this day ?

Calvin and Hobbes “Character Building”

Guys here are we. As promised i present to you the supreme source of calvin’s wit and
humor. Its called calvin’s Dad. It’s a irony most that most of the character in the comic strip have got a name except calvin’s mom and dad.

But take no heed here we present to you calvin and his Knowledgeable dad.

(Note. All the pictures here can be downloaded as a Zip file from here or click on each file to download then individually )

Calvin and Hobbes

Loved how mom reacted to it. God loved the guy who ever it was. either junior or senior.

Calvin and Hobbes

Never knew a better color theory.

Calvin and Hobbes

I wanna have one of those printing guy at me home $$$$..

Calvin and Hobbes

It’s time to prove mom’s are always wrong..

Calvin and Hobbes

Now i shouldn’t believe my dad so much. But guys are guys. 😀 (insert a really big grin here)

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

Who else can give a better theory on sun to son than a great father. And a whining mom!!

Calvin and Hobbes

My dad Strongest. (Best)

Calvin and Hobbes

Where do babies come from? any answers?

Calvin and Hobbes

I loved this post nit because of its humor but of the innocence. Its one of the few strips where we actually see calvin crying.

Calvin and Hobbes

Bad Bad Dad. This is post where we can actually see the shit scared calvin.

There are loads of more which i was unable to find. Guys if you can send me the
those. Some of them which i was not able to find were..

the one in which calvins dad coems home to find iceman depicting as they are vomiting. and dad asks mom do we have <some really bad food> made today!!


Calvin: “Dad, what makes wind?”
Dad: “Trees sneezing.”
Calvin: “Really?”
Dad: “No, but the truth is more complicated.”
Calvin (later, to Hobbes): “The trees are really sneezing today.”
Calvin: “Dad, how does a light bulb work?”
Dad: “Magic.”
Calvin: “Didn’t you say that’s how the vacuum cleaner works?”
Dad: “Right. They’re both magic.”
Calvin: “You just don’t know how they work, I’ll bet.”
Dad: “Fine. Don’t believe your own father, who’s been around a lot longer than you.”
Calvin: (Turns on a lamp) “Look mom, magic!”
Mom: “That’s not magic!”

P.S. if the linkage image is not correct to it’s original file than please let me know. i will try to get it corrected!!