Leave Letter

Dear sir/ Madam, (I don’t know who are you)

This is to tell you that I will be not available online for the next 3 days. As I am going to the silicon valley of India. See the irony of the life when I am at a small town in south Karnataka I am online more than 9 hours a day. But when I am at the Silicon Valley I am not able to come online. So I request you to allow me to meet you there. Please bring you post and comments written during this period, I will tell you the pass you my comments than and there. I have given my contact number at the bottom of the letter. Do call me up. For those who want to meet please be ready to spend some bucks. (Nah I wont ask you to have lunch or dinner with me) It’s for the nuisance I will make after I get drunk.

I am coming down to celebrate my friends Happy Birthday to You. Which was on 11th July. For those who want to wish my friend many many happy returns of the day, can send me cash to my mail id and gift description to Bank account. I will buy and make sure that my friend gets the gifts, I am not sure when but he will surely get it.

Till than do remember me!!



seriously serious!!

For last few days I tried to become as philosophical as much as I can get. There are reasons for everything. The reason of my being serious was something really serious. Here it goes.

I am a superstitious human being. My classmate during my school days told me that if I see a dream early in the morning, the dream would come true. I never believed them because I always saw a dream that it was holyday in my school. I even took colors to celebrate but my teachers beat me up black and blue. Than my friends told me only the bad dreams that come true.

A few days back I have been getting up after seeing one bad dream. The dreams are so threatening that I wake startled. The height of repetitiveness is so much that I hear the same background music.

The dream → I am sitting on my office chair for more than 3 hours now. 3 hours doing something which is the dream of every software engineer. All of them know that now all the torture of the engineering days is being paid back in ten folds. I am doing what I always wanted to do. I asked one of my friends “Hey you know that so and so guy is joining my company” and he scraped back saying “old news, dude!! Tell me something new!!” I have been exchanging events and gossips with my friend who is another company via the most reliable agent called Orkut! The tag line of orkut, “who do you know!” fascinated me so much that today I have 1386 friends.
Welcome to the world of scraping and orkuting.

After those 3 hours of non-stop orkuting I get a call from the system admin telling me to stop scraping else “We will SCRAPE you out!! From than on Orkut is blocked in my company. I am sitting perspiring in the AC thinking “Kya hoga Nimmo ka (I mean mera)” will the sys admin be calling up my supervisor and telling him about my mischief or will he be leavening me after the warning. The bond tune start in background! (It’s such a suspense) I am scared! I shout out loud and wake up to the dream with my mobile alarm ringing to the tune of 007!!!

Good Bye Hutch!!!

Its been a frustrating month before Hutchison Essar could be said good bye and welcome the new people in. The old alliance though a rocky one was fully capable in not to fulfilling most of the needs. But.. There is always a big BUT when it comes to after sale service they were the best in giving the worst nightmare to people. Weak/No signal, Unprofessional support staff, loads of delay to get the call through to talk to those Unprofessional support guys, and on top of all these I was given a call on the very next of my bill generation to pay up my bills else the outgoing would be barred.

I hope that the new alliance would do something better for me. As I gather from people that the new guys have a really good infrastructure, good customer support, their bills are given in a better way, they provide better connectivity and on top of that they don’t piss you off.

If you guys are thinking that I am talking about the new Vodafone and Essar alliance than you are wrong. my job profile just let me make decision pertaining to writing line and lines of codes and not making any decision. This is to announce that I am formally leaving the hutch number and migrating to Airtel.

P.S.-> Though Airtel will make a Bigger hole in my pocket but the service is worth the cost.


Looks like the Hutch guys make sure that I pay them more than the service they are worth of before I lay down the sim card to peace.

Let me give a little background. My plan gives me an offer that by paying 149 Rs extra my STD will be 1Rs. My plan also offers me 600 Minutes of local calls. and my current unbilled amount is Rs.621.20. When I asked them to cancel my connection the Lady at the Hutch shop tells me that I wont be eligible for the discounts as I am getting the connection terminated in middle of billing cycle. and I have to pay off the bills without any discount. what a bummer. so the number would be canceled after a while but the new number is being used. It seems that Hutch just knows to drink money from its consumer and give little or no service.

Happy Valentines Day

Its one year today and I still miss her. Let me recite you all guy the story of how she was taken away from me. last year on this fateful date of 14Th Feb.

It was the lovely evening of 13Th Feb 2006. It had rained making the evening cold and air romantic. the evening was made even more lovely by the ever bubbling and cheerful crowd of Bangalore. The love was surly in the air. I was traveling by the BMTC bus and somewhere in my heart i felt that i have lost her. i took my friends cell phone and tried to call her. THE PHONE was picked but there was no reply. and i knew that she is gone for ever. The number was Unreachable. I was cursing the person who took her away from me. I felt like crying it was the Valentine’s Day Eve and she is no longer with me. I thought of filing a police complain for the same and even went to the police station but the said its not the case of theft. Those guys told me its case of misplacement and the can just take a complain for “Lose of Asset” and not of stealing or nabbing. I hate those policewala. They are like goons. i think the thief must have bribed them so that they wouldn’t write my theft report.

The after effects of the incidents. i was alone on the new years eve. there was not one girl i could contact. all my friends were having fun and i was at this police station and doing some official at my service provider.

If u ask me how much i miss her? my answer would be loads. But i missed my nokia 3120 more the nokia 7250. Both of them were stolen on the great BMTC bus. Even though 7250 was a camera phone i miss 3120 for the reason on he day it was stolen. i was unable to ask any gal t be my valentine as all the numbers were gone. it was such a bad day. my valentines day without my phone and no numbers.