Not So Quikr

This is post is second in the series of customer care. Today its the “Online Raddi Wala”

Quikr has new feature where you can opt to pay for the product online and quikr will pick up the product and deliver for free.

I was looking for second hand cell phone for myself. After checking out the website and zeroing on a phone I called up the seller and agreed on a price. I paid the amount online and waited for the product to be delivered. It was almost a happy experience with till now.

After 3 days I called up the customer care for update. They said they have raised a request and someone will call me within 24-48 hours. Fast forward 3 more days and multiples call to customer care. The customer care has a very peculiar issue that the call if its not answered by a customer care executive in a minute will automatically be disconnected. you are lucky if the call gets connected at the first attempt. After umpteen tries and don’t know after how many calls to customer care, I am yet to receive a update or my money.

My rating for quikr of
Customer Service = 0/5 (I am yet to receive any service)
Customer Care = 2/5 (They remained calm and composed even through my shouting and angry rants)

For those who want to know what phone I was planning to buy checkout the link of the ad

Keep Counting

Lets take stock of our lives. When we are kids we used to go to the shop next door, which had the ever smiling uncle to cater to all your needs. I don’t remember seeing that uncle getting angry at us. He even used to send chotu with all the items. Reminds of something? For those getting nostalgic STOP!!!. Now we have “next door online store” who do all this and more with cheaper prices.

But one thing which I think is always a hit or a miss. The customer service. I will provide my take on various customer service I received from various “next door online store”

The first one for I want to take on is . My dad is coming to bangalore and asked me to book tickets for him. I thought lets try this new website musafir. I check the site and it was not displaying the prices of the airlines I was looking for. I was bored so thought of giving them a call and letting them know. But as the luck would be I got one of the best customer care executive out there. He was courteous, patient and knowledgeable given that it was midnight (yeah it was 11:45 PM when I called in, didn’t I said I was bored?). You rarely find good customer care executive in night shift. But boy was I wrong. Musafir team helped me find the best fare and even applied a discount code for me, which is rare. This agent was with till I have done the payment and once everything was done. He even called and confirmed If I have received the ticket.

One cute thing though, when calling out phonetic names for M instead of using “Mike” they say “Musafir”

Hope musafir keeps the customer care to top notch.

Musafir Customer Care gets 5/5

Keep counting the ratings guys.

For My Friends

Its been exactly one year and I have not updated this page. The last time it was to wish you guys a new year. Looks like this time it’s for the same reason.

Wishing you all readers a happy new year 2013. Seems like the mayan calendar had a bug and no one bothered to fix it. Jokes apart, the reason for this post is my friends. I saw my blog open on one of friend’s computer screen, and I asked why is this open? His answer I love this site, why don’t you write more? So this post goes to you.

Speaking of friends, there are different type of friends, some are casual, some fast, so best and some no string attached ( if you know what it means *wink* *wink*). I have my share of friends and its the friends which makes a person. I was blessed with friends with who I learnt some valuable lesson of life, about girl, about birds and bees ( and world thinks its the parents who have a give a talk about this)

Birds and bees remind me of two thing courtship and marriage. A quick poll how many of you hated it when your roommate, colleague, flatmate keeps of yakking all night of phone and all you can do is watch. I had my fair share of the same. sometimes it was me who hated my friends on the phone and sometimes the roles reversed.

There are different roles one plays in their life, from a supporter to an arch rival, from a lover to a enemy, from a friend to a foe, from a shoulder to cry on to a elbow jab which make you cry.  But one role is played by all of us and that is of a peer.

Peers lead to something called peer pressure. For those who don’t know what this thing is let me given you some hint. It is because of this you bought that new phone/iPod/ Car/ Home or you went to that play/ outing/ joint/ disco/ bar  because all your friends are doing and you don’t want to stay behind in the rat race.

I am running a rat race of my self, in fact there are two of them. One is to earn more, and other is get my brother married so that I can also get married because all the cool guys are doing it. 🙂


According to google dictionary one of the meanings of Tension is

Tension is a feeling of worry and anxiety which makes it difficult for you to relax. Noun (uncountable) also N in pl

I am also in the state of the same, though not always but at times.

Some of such moments are/were,

  1. It turns out that my killing rate has hit its all time low and I came to know of that while playing Max Payne and During office hours when I have to kill time
  2. I am sleeping for 30-45 minutes after lunch @ office where as in past it was between 1 – 1.5 hours.
  3. I own 3 mobiles and 5 mobile numbers out of which i am using just one of each.  (these don’t include the one i have lost.)
  4. My MBA plan is  down the drain. No B-School is ready to offer me a seat.
  5. I used to earn the max among my friends and suddenly i am the least earner among all of us.
  6. and another Birthday and the party sharks are already at the door.
  7. My drinking and smoking habits are a hard to quit.
  8. I am still in search for a GF.
  9. and those which i had think that i am good at flirting than actually falling in love.
  10. I am losing hairs faster than any bollywood movies are losing viewers.
  11. and gaining weight faster than the number of shopping mall opening in your locality.

Those who are thinking when was my birthday it was on 29th may.

PS-> the google talk gadget is now working.

India VS India.

In my last post I said i will try to tell you guys about my observation of different entities while i was traveling through out India. If you have not noticed i was in north @ Delhi, South @ Hyderabad, East @ Kolkata and Home, West @ Goa in last 3 months.

So instead of writing about few of them lets pitch all of them against each other.

Round 1: Travel.

I won’t say a thing about the journey but the first hand experience of destination or origin.

  • By Train –  Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Home
  • By Bus –  Goa, Bangalore
  • By Flight – Bangalore, Delhi(Terminal 1-A), Kolkata

I don’t know what’s your travelling preference but i always felt that train journeys are the best. if it satisfies one condition “You have a good company” I leave the choice of the companion to you it may range from sleep depravation to love or from a book to Girl Friend.

So here is quick comparison between the stations i have visited in recent past.

Hyderabad (Secundrabad to be precise):- A small and clean station. They have got adequate security and even though the same station is used for local trains it not that crowded.

Bangalore:- Its been quite some time before i gave bangalore station a visit. It was still the same crowded platform and even crowded ticket counters. But clean and chaotic.

Kolkata:- Huge station loads of people and little security. Its not that clean, though there are people taking care of cleaning but something, somewhere has gone wrong.

Home:- Really small station, not clean, no security, is in process of getting a face-lift. That include a new ticket window, generator, lights and fans on the platform but that betterment is still few years away.

Now comes the bus stands.

Bangalore: Has got a huge bus stand. lots of people. well marked platforms and dirty.

Goa: Medium sized, semi clean, not well marked and crowded.

Airports:- The fastest and (now not so) cheaper mode of transport. I chose this for last for the simple reason that i have been adding loads of air-mile.

Kolkata:- Really old airport. Small, crowded, Really slow security checks, No WI-FI, Shady Buses used for aircarft transfer(Most of them look like old city buses). But they do have a rail ticket reservation counter and post office at the arrival waiting lounge. fewer baggage claim belts and No AC taxi for stand. (One had to call for AC taxies)

Delhi:- Big, clean, with almost no crowd departure terminal. Even though its a new terminal baggage scan is mandatory(as compared to bangalore), WI-FI signal strength fluctuate every second.(In short it sucks, just WI-FI). Lots of shops including a Mc-Dee’s The arrival terminal is too crowded. even though they have 7-8 baggage claim belts the baggage arrival takes a life time. which makes the area even more crowded.

Bangalore:- Big, really clean, little crowded, No Baggage checks (which makes the check in really really swift) The check-in counter itself are dynamic(There no individual airline counter but any counter can be used by any airline. All the counters have a LCD screen showing the airlines name.) 3-4 ATM machine. 8-10 Self-Check-in counters. The arrival area is large and the baggage arrival is really fast max 5-10 min wait time. The only bone of contention is the location of airport. 25 KM from the city limits.

So if you are planning to go to any of these places plan accordingly.