Quote Marriage

Its been a while i am not blogging on anything. but i have thinking alot. Here is what came out of my thought flow.

Life is full of shit, We are just neck deep!!

Sometimes opposite of “Cold” is “Hard”!!

(you must be too intimate or drunk to understand the second one)

The last week end was a memorable one. I attended of my  cousin’s marriage. and being on the organizer’s side of the family (yeah the cousin is a gal). I was there at the marriage venue from evening 4 to morning 5. Life could have been better but i had to goto to Tirupathi with my parents for a darsan.  lord save my poor soul and tired body,  for the day of darshan was sunday and my lucks told me it was one hell of crowd was there to take a tiny winy glimps of the god!!

back to my room on sunday. Today mom and day left back for the native and Voila there flight was at the 6.30 in the morning. Great one. So i am at present trying to type this while wanding off my sleep!!

This New Year.

HappyKitten pinged me yesterday and asked me about how was my new year n how is my life going?Here you go people the detail new year eve and the days after that.

The new year eve was an eventful night. I went to one of the new years party where Stags were allowed. but i never knew that there were so many stags in bangalore that it will take a whole hour to get inside. Once inside it was more crowded in than it was outside. On top of that the food was over and the free beer counter was being broken. so i planned to return home just to find that my roomies have left for joy ride across the town. Therefor i was sitting alone at my house and celebrated New year alone. 

Some good news. Joined a start-up company as a MAC OS X Developer. It was a start-up that gave me a chance to start up again. But all I had to do was to quit it and join  another one( I went just 5 days). My new employers don’t work on mac. They are a mobile communication company. The reason was not money. It was job security.

Some of you  may had problems accessing my site. It was all because my host had some sort of server issues. Thanks Vignesh and Viswas for the notification. Just now I found out that the site host were upgrading their server and due to the same the problems was raised. In the process the guys have deleted some of my post and by gods grace i had the backup of the same. so it was a matter of seconds that i have all back here. if there are any issue again. do let me know. 

A crying cribbing weekend.

The last i was cried twice. and cribbed more than that.Let me tell you the whole story. I bought a Brand new Nokia E65 for my dad (using his card :P)  in the month of November. it turned out that the pone had some problem and it went to Offline mode. So it was dutifully given to the Nokia Care @ kolkata for repair. Just to know that the phone is not repairable. Now comes the intresting part. “Nokia India” has a policy in which the they let the guys at decide what to do with the cell phone. and most of the time the nokia care guys give you a replacement phone. If you think its a brand new piece than you are wrong they give you a refurbished set. You call it my luck!! The set that the nokia guys returned to my dad is more than 6 month old. and looks dirty than his 1 year old Nokia 1100. Here is the conclusion in the matter.1. Nokia makes buggy sets and sell them to customer for hefty (for a premium) price.2. when the customer goes for the repair he is handed old piece and the buggy piece goes back for the sale. 3. On calling the customer you are greeted with a voice like that of a landlord to his tenant after 3rd of non payment.  Nokia has the worst customer care in where the guys are rude and are not ready to listen to what the client says and go on like a tape recorder!!From now on i will say no to NO-kia. iPhone here i come. (Apple has the best costumer support in the world)This week end i saw two movies both has two thing common. First both had child actor having reel age of 8 years. second both the movies made me Cry. Before you comment WTF you are guy and guys don’t cry. well i cry.In TZP i cried when the title song started. I didn’t cried at the end but i cried when i saw there are so many children and there are so few to help them. and i cried when i watched the bubbly movie called “The Game Plan” i cried because i in some way missed my parents. (ask anyone who lived in hostel how much they miss there parents.)

We LAP from the TOP.

This post is my cribbing against the Amity B-School

I am talking about a B school known as Amity Business School (ABS). Before I start of the cribbing part let me tell you the college lost it AICTE recognition way back in 2005 and their fees 7+ Lac. Including Laptop and Hostel fees. 5.5+ Lac for tuition fees. Though the website says 2.05 Lac per year.

Now, to the cribbing part. It’s mostly about their laptops. The college provides laptops made by HP. They even have a HP support centre inside the campus. The configuration and software provided.

Intel Celeron Processor 1.8GHz
512 MB of RAM
32 MB on board Graphics Card
80 GB Hard Disk
In built Ethernet card
Combo Drive CD – RW & DVD – R
Windows XP pro with the latest Service Pack and windows Office comes.

Great Na? But!! There is always a “butt”. The laptop belongs to the institution till the last installment of fees is not paid. The OS (operating system) installed is not a personal version but the registered in the name of ABS.

The processor of the laptop (Intel Celeron) is the oldest version of the processor available in market. They were introduced way back in 1998 as a alternative cheap processor. Where as most of the latest laptops are equipped with Core 2 Duo, the laptops provided at ABS come with a processor, which are to be phased out by Intel in first quarter of 2008.

The company on the other hand doesn’t provide any CD/ DVD with a restore/ backup software. You only get the laptop and nothing else. What could be the height of the matter that there are no Device Driver CD/ DVD provided. On probing the HP Desk the people out offered to write a driver CD if the CD is provided to them. Even the CD writing software comes pre installed and they provide no CD. Are the guys at HP trying to save some bucks in pursuit to cut cost?

My question is to whom the student of ABS will go if there is any problem with their laptops after 2 they get their degree?

I am a girl (Final Part)…

BKP – That’s so cool.
Ank – What? It’s cool? My dad is sick and my mom is leaving me and you say its cool. So mean. I never knew guys could be so insensitive.

Confused?? Read Part one and Part Two to know more

BKP – Actually I meant its cool for your dad that there is some one is coming to take care of him. BTW I am always there to take care of him.

They know each other for just 5 days and Mr. BKP is head over heels to do anything for miss Ankita. I am sure miss Ank would have been really flattered by this comment.

Ank – Thanks for the concern BKP, but one of my friend will stay with me and there I have got a cousin in the town to take care of me. BTW you had viral? Its you, who need care more than me.

BKP – when is you mummy coming back?
Ank – Most probably she will be back by Monday.
BKP – That’s great.
Ank – what’s great in it. I will be alone for two days. BTW talk to you later. I am helping mom in packing.
BKP – Ok. Bye. Talk to you after your aunty leaves.

The same night.

BKP – Hi had your dinner.
Ank – ya, Just now with mummy.
BKP – ok. So mummy left?
Ank – Yes. I am already missing her.
BKP – Don’t worry I am there na. (Read: Main Hoon Na!)
Ank – Thanks. Good night. I am in no mood to talk.


BKP – Hey. Good morning.
Ank – Morning. How are you?
BKP – I am good. What about you?
Ank- bad. I have got special classes. (Remember Ank is doing Dental.)
BKP – Ok talk to you after classes.

Saturday went just like that.

Sunday. The big day for MR BKP cos today Ankita will meet her.

Ank – Hello. How are you?
BKP – I am good. So what’s you plans for the day.
Ank – going to End Point with friends. (For unknown end point is a small hill just on the outskirts of manipal. Where you can find couples having a gala time 😉 ;))
BKP – Good. Enjoy your day.
Ank – wanna come?
BKP – Nah. Meet you after you come back.
Ank – Ok.
BKP – bye.

BKP went to Big Bazaar to do some shopping including a new t-shirt worth rupees 149 is bought.

Time Evening 6’ Clock.
BKP – Hey good evening.
Ank – hello.
BKP – How was the day.
Ank – good. Had loads of fun. Now getting hungry. (Hinting BKP to take her out)
BKP – hey me to hungry. Why don’t we meet for dinner?
Ank – Great idea. See you @ 7:30
BKP – but where?
Ank – you tell.
BKP – I don’t know manipal. You tell me.
Ank – lets meet at Valley View. (Valley View is a 3 star hotel run by Welcome Group and the best in the town)
BKP – Ok. See you at 7:30
Ank – hey one of my friend will be coming with me. I hope you don’t mind.
BKP – no no it’s ok. Meet you at Valley view (VV). Where is VV?
Ank – Its near TC (Tiger circle). Ask any one. Or just ask your Auto guy to take you to VV.
BKP – But how will I recognize you.
Ank – I will be wearing a pink top and Jeans. Same for my friend. (The most common dress for a gal)
BKP – ok than see ya @ 7.30

Evening 7.30.
BKP – Hey me at VV. Where are you?
Ank – I am at my place. I will be late.
BKP – ok.
Ank – do one thing. Go and book a table for 3 of us. See you in ten minutes,
BKP – ok. I have already done that.

After 10 minutes.
Ank – hey I can’t come. My friend is not feeling well
BKP – why what happened?
Ank – Don’t know is getting dizzy and stuff. May be sunstroke.
BKP – ok than you come alone.
Ank – ok. You order something I will in ten minutes.
BKP – ok.

After 20 more minutes.
Ank – hey can’t come.
BKP – what happened?
Ank – my cousin has come home. My friend called him.
BKP – what?
Ank – I am so sorry. May be we will some other time. I am sorry.

BKP has kept all these info secret from all of roomies. He never told us what was the T-shirt for or why was for Manipal suddenly at 7:30.

But he never expected a welcome at home just to find Ankita AKA Santa waiting for him. He had a dinner at the one of the best hotel in the town. I hope this lesson teaches MR. BKP not to run after Gals.

For those who are curious Mr. BKP had a heavy heart and lighter wallet after the incident.

If any one wants the original transcript please excuse me, this was one the most horrible English-speaking guy I have ever seen.

After effects. My telephone bill has gone double due to this silly message session. By luck Mr. BKP has a free SMS facility.