When i was rich

The story dates back to the time when I was a kid. As you guys know I was rich so I got the local student magazine to take up my interview. I have forgotten most of the question will try to recreate the some of those, which I remember.
Rich Guy

The above picture showed how much rich I was. I had 100Rs note with me. This was much before I know how to clean my (as my grand mom says) you know what 😉 !!!!

Now to the interview. Just minutes before the interview the guy who was to take my interview came to me and said here are the questions which I would be asking to you and these are the answer you have to give and we will print it for you.

Interviewer> we have got with us master (remember I was a kid) Santosh Kumar. Welcome Dear (with a glare)! We are going to talk to him about his life, status and Money.

(Note the question asked will be written as Q> and answer is started with A>)

Q> So Santosh tell us more about yourself and your background?
A> I have a big family. My grand dad is 6 Feet tall, my father is 5’11’ tall and I am yet to reach 3 Feet. My background is presently the same as yours. A black wall with peeling paint and lots of stain of hair oil.

Q> Nice reply Santosh. You seem to have a really big family. A rumor is going on that you are the best of the best when it comes to money?
A> Ya I am known to have a love for money that’s why I have specially asked my mother to put a money plant in our house.

Q> we have even head that you hold money by your teeth.
A> Ya I do hold it because the last time I put it in mouth I swallowed it.

Q> when was the last time you swallowed the coin
A> It was just five minutes back when we started talking. I forgot to take it out and now it’s in my tummy!!! It was my last 25 paise coin 😥

Q> as the saying goes behind every successful man there is a women, is there any1 in your life?
A> (Blushing and smiling) Ya there is one.

Q> it means the one who ever she is has contributed to your present condition.
A> Yes a lot. In past I was a Hundreds rupee (as seen in the picture) owner but the ice cream and chocolate cost has taken everything.

Q> so what’s your present condition!
A> the next picture depicts my true state.

Poor Guy

The interviewer: Go away you M()r()|\| you have wasted my time. You don’t have a single penny. You looser leave this place else I will break you leg and than you have hold you leg with your teeth.